Lister Water System

Annual Drinking Water Information

Lister Water System 2018 Annual Drinking Water Information Brochure.

Size and number of connections

The system services 188 active connections.


The system is located in Lister, within RDCK Electoral Area B.


The Lister water system used to derive source water from Lister Creek (also known as Floyd Creek), which is designated as a Community Watershed. For years, water quality testing indicated the presence of low level Coliform bacteria and E.coli.

In late 2012, the Regional District connected the system to a new groundwater well source. This new source has contributed to reducing the danger of contamination by wildlife and environmental sources.

System Description

This system was first developed in 1929 and underwent significant upgrades in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was converted to a RDCK service in 1982.


In 2014 the RDCK implemented chlorine disinfection of the Lister Water System. This enabled IHA to lift the Boil Water Advisory that had been in place since 2012.


Storage for the system used to be supplied by a dredged, unlined containment pond that was constructed in 1982. The pond was exposed to the open environment and algae growth was a problem during certain times of the year.

The Regional District has since constructed a new closed steel reservoir tank. The new well and storage system were designed to meet water consumption, but water demand has been much higher than expected.

Distribution system

The system includes approximately 30 kilometres of pipe. Some of this pipe was replaced in the 1980s. Reports suggest that the remainder of the distribution network may be nearing the end of its useful life.

In 2012, the Regional District prepared an Asset Management plan to determine the long-term financial needs of the system.


Existing fire-fighting infrastructure includes three standpipes; however, the system does not meet established guidelines for fire protection.

Significant issues

The well and reservior were designed based on BC Design Guidelines for Rural Residential Community Water Systems, but water demand in the Lister Water System is higher than what the system can provide. A larger well pump can be installed to increase system capacity, and the RDCK has budgeted $25,000 for this upgrade in 2015.

Plans for future upgrades

In 2009, the RDCK and the Lister Commission of Management agreed to begin the process of upgrading the water system. The feasibility of upgrading infrastructure to meet guidelines for fire fighting is also being considered.

Water Quality Monitoring

2016 Annual Report of Monitoring (Lister)


This system is currently owned and operated by the RDCK. The RDCK receives community-specific advice and policy guidance from the Lister Commission of Management.

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