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To view a map of the entire regional district, click here. [PDF - 1.5 MB]

Geographic Information System

The Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Regional District forms the electronic foundation for the provision of land parcel based information and services. The data model in place allows staff at the Regional District to provide mapping and analysis functions which are specific to many Regional District services such as Land Use Planning, Building Inspection Services, Utility Services, Bylaw Enforcement, Administration, Waste Management, Property Information, Emergency Planning and Emergency Services (9-1-1).

For more information on Mapping Services and GIS, please contact the RDCK Planning Department (250-352-8165).

If you want a map of your property, a Cadastral map showing subdivided lots (drawn to scale but without dimensions) can be obtained from the Planning Department, for a fee (see below). A copy of your Land Registry Survey Plan with dimensions can be obtained from the Land Title Office or the Planning Department (please call ahead to ensure we have a copy on file). 

Mapping from the Regional District is also available for the following current pricing at the RDCK office in Nelson:

1:5000 Cadastral Map (D size) $25.00
PIMS (public) Maps (8.5 x 11 or 11x 17) $25.00
Survey Plan $25.00

Special Order Mapping (GIS)

$75 minimum 1st hour 

$50 for additional hours plus $35 per sheet printed

Digital Data $150.00/mb
Countour Map - IMS (11 x 17) $25.00
Contour Map (Cadastral D size) $25.00

All prices are subject to applicable taxes.  Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to process over the phone or credit card payment. 

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