Current Advisories

Water Quality Advisories mean that there is a level of risk associated with consuming the drinking water but not enough to warrant a Boil Water Notice. Typically, the RDCK issues these advisories due to increased turbidity levels or low chlorine residual. The RDCK and Interior Health recommend, as a precaution, that young children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems drink boiled water or a safe alternative.

Boil Water Notices are issued when a health risk is determined in the drinking water source. When a Boil Water Notice is issued, the RDCK and Interior Health recommend that ALL customers boil the water prior to consumption or drink a safe alternative. Click here for more information on Boil Water Notices.

The Interior Health Authority has a publication on drinking water quality called "Public Notifications: What are they and why are they issued?" Click here to read it.

Current Water Advisories / Conservation Measures / Maintenance Notices:

Water System

(WQA) Water Quality Advisory OR
(BWN) Boil Water Notice

Conservation Measures

Maintenance Notices
Balfour No Advisory  



WQA Issued:
Jan 12, 2017


Denver Siding BWN Issued:
Apr 1, 2004
Duhamel No Advisory    
Edgewood No Advisory    
Erickson No Advisory


Fauquier No Advisory    
Grandview Properties No Advisory    
Lister No Advisory    
Lucas Road No Advisory    
McDonald Creek No Advisory    
Riondel No Advisory


Rosebery Highlands No Advisory    
Sanca BWN Issued:
Jun 6, 2000
South Slocan WQA Issued:
Mar 23, 2018

Maintenance Notice:
May 22 & 23, 2018

West Robson No Advisory    
Woodbury Village

WQA Issued:
Jan 11, 2018

Woodland Heights No Advisory


Ymir No Advisory  



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