Edgewood Water System

Annual Drinking Water Information

Edgewood Water System 2018 Annual Drinking Water Information Brochure.

Size and number of connections

The system currently services 90 active connections. An estimated 300 residents are served by the Edgewood water system.


The system is located in the community of Edgewood, within RDCK Electoral Area K. Edgewood is on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake off of Highway 6 between Nakusp and Vernon.


The Edgewood water system derives source water from two wells located off Monashee Road. Both of these wells are approximately 30 metres deep.

System description

The system was constructed in 1966 as part of a compensation program associated with the construction of the Keenlyside Dam. An upgrade to some system components and controls was completed in 2001. This upgrade included installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, which allows for remote system operation and monitoring.


Since the source for this system is an aquifer that is not directly influenced by surface water, disinfection is not required. Water quality is typically high and no samples have indicated the presence of coliforms.

Turbidity is typically lower than 1.0 NTU, which is within recommended turbidity levels under the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. However, turbidity occasionally rises on a seasonal basis. When turbidity rises above a certain limit, residents are issued a water quality advisory or a boil water notice.


The system includes an 82,000 litre insulated bolted steel storage tank.

Distribution system

The system includes 3,147 metres of PVC, steel, and asbestos-concrete mainlines, as well as 2,060 metres of copper service connection lines. A 2005 report estimated that Edgewood's asbestos-cement pipe network will remain viable until at least 2048.


Due to the limited capacity of the system's storage tank, no capacity for rural fire-fighting services is provided.

Significant issues

A 2009 assessment of the Edgewood water system recommended that a wellhead protection plan be developed in order to ensure the long-term safety of the water source. Although the long-term sustainable yield of the wells exceeds current water demands, growth of the Edgewood community is expected in the future. Due to the limited capacity of the system's storage tank, a significant increase in water demands associated with community growth would necessitate installation of a bigger reservoir. Replacement of other system components could also be required under these circumstances.

BC Hydro has committed funding for water treatment upgrades. Media filtration and polishing sand filtration were piloted in house in 2014 and were determined to not be feasible for turbidity removal in Edgewood. The turbidity is believed to be very fine and hard to remove.

The decision has been made to proceed with a water treatment concept design based on treatment technology that can remove very fine particle size turbidity. Both ultra filtration, and conventional coagulation, sedimentation and filtration will be reviewed. This concept design is a small project and will provide a cost comparison between the two options.

Plans for future upgrades


It is anticipated that water treatment plant detailed design will commence this summer on the more feasible option determined after the review of ultra filtration, conventional coagulation, sedimentation and filtration is complete. The treatment plant construction would then be anticipated to begin in 2016.


In January 2011, ownership and operation of the Edgewood water system was transferred to the RDCK. This system was historically owned and operated by the Edgewood Water Corporation, a subsidiary company of BC Hydro.

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