Current Advisories

Water Quality Advisories mean that there is a level of risk associated with consuming the drinking water but not enough to warrant a Boil Water Notice. Typically, the RDCK issues these advisories due to increased turbidity levels or low chlorine residual. The RDCK and Interior Health recommend, as a precaution, that young children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems drink boiled water or a safe alternative.

Boil Water Notices are issued when a health risk is determined in the drinking water source. When a Boil Water Notice is issued, the RDCK and Interior Health recommend that ALL customers boil the water prior to consumption or drink a safe alternative. Click here for more information on Boil Water Notices.

The Interior Health Authority has a publication on drinking water quality called "Public Notifications: What are they and why are they issued?" Click here to read it.

Current Water Advisories / Conservation Measures / Maintenance Notices:

Water System

(WQA) Water Quality Advisory OR
(BWN) Boil Water Notice

Conservation Measures

Maintenance Notices

BWN Rescinded:

Jun 22, 2018

Stage 1  

WQA Issued:
Jan 12, 2017

Stage 1

Denver Siding BWN Issued:
Apr 1, 2004
Stage 1  
Duhamel No Advisory Stage 1  
Edgewood BWN Issued:
May 30, 2018
Stage 1  
Erickson No Advisory

Stage 1

Fauquier No Advisory Stage 1  
Grandview Properties No Advisory Stage 1  
Lister No Advisory Stage 1  
Lucas Road No Advisory Stage 1  
McDonald Creek No Advisory Stage 1  
Riondel No Advisory

Stage 2

Rosebery Highlands No Advisory Stage 1  
Sanca BWN Issued:
Jun 6, 2000
Stage 1  
South Slocan WQA Rescinded:
May 28, 2018
Stage 1


West Robson No Advisory Stage 1  
Woodbury Village

WQA Issued:
Jan 11, 2018

Stage 1  
Woodland Heights No Advisory

Stage 1

Ymir No Advisory Stage 1

Maintenance Notice:
Jun 20 & 21, 2018


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