Rosebery Highlands

Annual Drinking Water Information

Rosebery Highlands Water System 2017 Annual Drinking Water Information Brochure.

Size and number of connections

The system currently services three (3) active connections with an additional 17 serviceable lots located in the service area.


The system is located north of the Village of New Denver and near the unincorporated community of Rosebery. Rosebery Highlands is within RDCK Electoral Area H.


The Rosebery Highlands system draws water from a deep well not under the direct influence of surface water. The water quality from the well meets Canadian Drinking Water standards, with the addition of a chlorine residual being the only required treatment.

System Description

The majority of the system was constructed in 2007, with a small extension constructed in 2009.


Because the system draws from a groundwater source that is not under the direct influence of surface water, no filtration is required. Chlorine disinfection is provided.


The system includes a 275,720 litre concrete reservoir constructed in 2007. As the source water is low-turbidity well water, cleaning is not expected to be required for several more years.

Distribution System

The distribution system consists of new 150mm diameter PVC mains. Dead-end mains in cul-de-sacs are 100mm diameter. 100mm diameter lines reduce the opportunity for stagnation of water in the mains. All dead-ends are equipped with stand pipes to allow flushing of the distribution lines.


The system does not meet standardized requirements for fire protection.

Plans for Future Upgrades

No upgrades are planned for the near future.

Universal Metering

A universal metering program is underway in Rosebery Highlands Water System. In fall 2017, meters will be installed for all developed properties. The installations are in preparation for the change from flat rate billing to metered rate billing, scheduled to begin in 2019. In most cases, the water meters will be located at the property line in a meter pit. All dwellings constructed in 2016 and later will be required to pay for the supply and installation costs for the meter and meter pit. Property owners who are making changes to their properties should submit a Water Application which can be found on our Utility Billing webpage.

Please see the brochure on the Rosebery Highlands Water Metering Program here. For more information, please visit the Water Meters webpage.


On July 1, 2012 this system was converted from a private utility to a RDCK owned and operated service.

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