McDonald Creek Water System

System Description and Governance

This system was rebuilt in 2003-2004. It became a Regional District service in 2004. In 2007, the Regional District signed an agreement for the Village of Kaslo to operate the McDonald Creek water service.  Water usage billing is provided annually by the Village of Kaslo.  The Regional District collects water taxation through BC Assessment.  Water taxation revenue primarly goes to water system reserves for asset renewal.

Size and Number of Connections

The system services 72 active connections.


The system, also historically known as the Allen Subdivision, is located adjacent to the Village of Kaslo. McDonald is within RDCK Electoral Area D.


In May 2002, the McDonald Creek water system intake was damaged beyond repair by a landslide. This event necessitated an emergency connection to the Village of Kaslo's water system. McDonald Creek users continue to receive water from the Kaslo system, through an agreement with the Regional District.  Kaslo derives source water from Kemp Creek.


The Kaslo Water Treatment Plant utilizes two treatment processes: chlorination to achieve 4 log viral reduction, and direct filtration to achieve 2.5 log protozoa reduction. The Village of Kaslo is planning to implement ultraviolet disinfection in the near future.


Water storage is provided by the Village of Kaslo.

Distribution System

The McDonald Creek water system consists of 1.7 kilometres of PVC pipe installed in 2005. This infrastructure remains in very good condition.


The system is designed to provide adequate fire protection and includes seven (7) hydrants. McDonald Creek is included with Village of Kaslo by the Fire Underwriters Survey fire protection ratings. Subscribing insurance providers can get water system grading information from Fire Underwriters Survey so contact your insurance provider for additional details.

Significant Issues

McDonald Creek has limited available connection rights remaining under agreement with the Village of Kalso, which limits subdivision potential or system expansion potential. Remaining connection rights may only be assigned to additional dwellings, business units, or subdivisions within the existing McDonald Creek service area on a first come first serve basis. Once any new connection rights are issued, no additional future connection rights might be issued to the property. 

Plans for Future Upgrades

No significant upgrades to this system are planned for the near future.

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Planis complete and updated annually.  The Asset Management Plan identifies required asset replacements over a 25 year and 100 year period and identifies annual contributions to water system reserves required to fund the replacements.

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