Environmental Services

How To Reach Us

24 Hour - Water Emergency
(Balfour, Burton, Denver Siding, Edgewood, Fauquier, Grandview Properties, Lucas Road, Riondel, Rosebery Highlands, South Slocan, West Robson, Woodbury Village, Ymir)
Phone: (250) 352-1504
Line breaks, major leaks and water outages.

24 Hour - Water Emergency
(Erickson, Lister, Sanca Park)
Phone: (250) 254-1685
Line breaks, major leaks and water outages.

Nelson Office
Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive
Nelson, BC V1L 5R4
Toll-Free: 1-800-268-RDCK (7325)
Phone: (250) 352-8161
Fax: (250) 352-9300
Email: info@rdck.bc.ca

Environmental Services Utility Services

Resource Recovery

Uli Wolf
General Manager of Environmental Services
Email: uwolf@rdck.bc.ca
Jason McDiarmid
Utility Services Manager
Email: jmcdiarmid@rdck.bc.ca

Amy Wilson, B.Sc., AScT 
Resource Recovery Manager

Email: awilson@rdck.bc.ca

AJ Evenson

Senior Project Manager

Email:  AEvenson@rdck.bc.ca 

Tanji Zumpano, M.A.
Water Services Liaison 
Email: tzumpano@rdck.bc.ca

Vicky Issott

Administration Clerk
Phone: (250) 352-8161

Contact for ALL waste disposal & recycling inquiries

Jeff Phillips

Project Manager

Email:  JPhillips@rdck.bc.ca 

Allan Richardson

Utility Technician

Email:  arichardson@rdck.bc.ca 

Megan Deas

Resource Recovery Operations Supervisor

Email:  mdeas@rdck.bc.ca

Shari Imada

Environmental Services Coordinator

Email:  simada@rdck.bc.ca 

Dave Sharun

Utility Technician

Email:  dsharun@rdck.bc.ca 

Alayne Hamilton

HB/Environmental Technologist

Email:  ahamilton@rdck.bc.ca 


Jay Colley

Utility Technician

Email:  jcolley@rdck.bc.ca 

Amanda Kletchko
Environmental Technologist 
Email: AKletchko@rdck.bc.ca


Robin Douville

Utilities Supervisor (Erickson)

Email:  rdouville@rdck.bc.ca 

Travis Barrington
Resource Recovery Technician
Email:  tbarrington@rdck.bc.ca

Erickson Water Office

Mon - Fri:  8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Phone:  (250) 428-2612 or



Contact for ALL water billing inquiries
Shanna Eckman
Administrative Assistant

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