Human Resources

The RDCK continually strives to deliver quality services and exemplary customer service. An innovative, responsive, diverse, and highly performing workforce is sustained through applying best practices in human resources.

The Human Resources Department's role is to assist all departments in creating a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment where staff are valued, respected and given the opportunity to achieve their potential through training and development.

The Human Resources department provides professional advice and support in several areas, including:

  • Recruitment / Selection 
  • Employee Relations 
  • Learning and Development 
  • Benefits / Compensation / Job Evaluation 
  • Health and Safety (recognition, Workers Compensation, rehabilitation) 
  • Labour Relations 
  • Human Resources Management (performance management, attendance management, succession planning) 
  • Strategic Management (policy development and workforce planning)

Further Information:

How To Reach Us

Nelson Main Office
Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive
Nelson, BC V1L 5R4
Toll-Free: 1-800-268-RDCK (7325)
Fax: (250) 352-9300

Connie Saari-Heckley                                                                                                                                        
Human Resources Manager                                                                                                                                     

Andre Noel
Safety Advisor
(250) 352-1524

Alexandra Hadfield
Human Resources Advisor
(250) 352-1546 

Regan Inniss
Human Resources Assistant
(250) 352-8150  


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