Environmental Services

Name Title Phone Email
Uli Wolf General Manager of Environmental Services Email
Mike Morrison Resource Recovery Manager Email
Jason McDiarmid Utility Services Manager Email
Shanna Eckman Administrative Assistant Email
Vicky Issott Environmental Services Clerk (250) 352-8161 Email
Allan Richardson Utilities Technician Email
Amy Wilson HB Tailings Facility Technologist Email
Brittny Anderson Environmental Technologist Email
Dave Sharun Utilities Technician Email
Jay Colley Utilities Technician Email
Jeff Phillips Project Manager Email
Kirstin Townsend Waste Educator Email
Lon Main Erickson Water Officer (250) 428-2612 Email
Megan Deas Resource Recovery Operations Supervisor Email
Robin Douville Utilities Supervisor (Erickson) Email
Simon Bamber Sr. Project Manager Email
Steve Ethier Utilities Supervisor (Nelson) Email
Tanji Zumpano Water Services Liaison Email
Chris Black Water Smart Ambassador - Central (250) 505-8167 Email
Rylee Christenson Water Smart Ambassador - Erickson (250) 254-0376 Email

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