Erickson Water System

Annual Drinking Water Information

Erickson Water System 2018 Annual Drinking Water Information Brochure.

Size and number of connections

The system services approximately 700 active connections and is the largest of the water systems managed by the RDCK.


The system is located in Erickson just outside the eastern border of Creston, crossing the boundary of RDCK Electoral Areas B and C.


The Erickson water system derives source water from Arrow Creek, which is classified as a Community Watershed. The creek has benefited for several years from an ongoing water quality monitoring program. Historic water quality data for Arrow Creek indicate that, in general, the water quality falls within acceptable levels for the majority of parameters in the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. Coliform levels, however, typically exceed the criteria and exhibit high seasonal variability.

System description

This system was first developed in 1929. In 2003, due to the failure of the Erickson Improvement District to remain in compliance with provincial water quality regulations, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs dissolved the system's Board of Trustees. At that time, the system was converted to a RDCK service.


In 2005 a new water treatment plant was commissioned on Arrow Creek following a referendum in which water users considered multiple options for treatment. This plant now serves the Erickson community as well as the Town of Creston. The treatment process includes coarse screening, settling, fine screening, membrane filtration, UV disinfection and residual disinfection by chlorination. A System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) unit allows for remote plant monitoring and operation.


An open pond currently provides storage for the Erickson system for fire fighting and additional water during peak demand periods. In the near future, however, this pond will be decommissioned and replaced with two closed concrete reservoirs.

Distribution system

Eleven (11) kilometres of concrete, AC, and PVC mainlines provide drinking water to residents of Erickson and Creston. Several kilometers of the pipeline, constructed in 1929, are made of concrete joined together by grout collars. The distribution system was originally designed to operate as a flume and not as a pressurized system; leak repairs are therefore ongoing. In 2008 the RDCK replaced two kilometres of leaking pipe, saving millions of litres of potable water. In 2010, another 1 kilometre of pipe was replaced, reducing remaining leakage by approximately 50%. Future replacement of the remaining concrete pipe will result in additional water savings.


Storage and pressure in the Erickson system meets standardized requirements for fire protection in some areas. For more information contact your subscribing insurance provider.  RDCK Water Services plans to conduct a Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) assessment in 2018, to determine fire protection capabilities gained due to the Erickson Water System upgrades project.

Significant issues

Despite recent upgrades to portions the distribution network, the condition of aging pipelines continues to affect water quality in the Erickson system. Though the water produced by the treatment plant is of excellent quality, the potential for recontamination exists when water flows through the leaking concrete flumes.

The storage pond at the end of the mainline is also a source of contamination to the system. Although water drawn from the pond is treated with sufficient chlorine to ensure a residual is maintained, this does not necessarily eliminate the presence of giardia and cryptosporidium pathogens. During peak summer flows, users closest to the pond sometimes see debris, including insects, coming out of their taps.

The Arrow Creek Water Treatment Plant and Transmission Line services both the Erickson Water Service and the Town of Creston. There was an existing water meter at the treatment plant and another meter at the Town of Creston connection. The Arrow Transmission Line had a number of lateral water mains and services that service Erickson that were not metered. In order to better understand water demand and Transmission Line leakage and to determine a fair cost sharing between Erickson and the Town of Creston, the RDCK installed a number of lateral meters. The $70,000 first phase was completed in 2013. Installation of service size meters off the Arrow Transmission Line has since been deferred until the Arrow Transmission Line is replaced as these services represent a very small proportion of overall flow. The flow data for 2014 has been reviewed and we now have a much more accurate estimate of Creston & Erickson demand and Arrow Transmission Line Leakage. Measured Arrow Transmission Line leakage in 2014 appears to be higher than previously estimated.

Erickson System Assessment
In 2014, Associated Engineering was commissioned to conduct an assessment of the Erickson water system which included review of existing infrastructure condition, review of system demand and capacity, and provision of a long term asset renewal and system upgrade plan. The final report is expected shortly. A number of old steel lines are anticipated to require replacement in the next few years to improve water quality, capacity and system reliability.

Plans for future upgrades

1.       Arrow Creek Transmission Line Replacement

The Arrow Creek Water Treatment Plant and Main Line services both the Erickson Water Service and the Town of Creston. The 11 km long 500mm & 450mm concrete Main Line was constructed in 1929. The Main Line has been kept in service far beyond its life expectancy and was beginning to create service issues. The project is being completed in phases. Phase 3 involves replacing 700 metres of the concrete main line with PVC pipe. Phase 3 has been funded from existing Town of Creston borrowing and Erickson reserves. Phase 3 construction is ongoing and is estimated to be completed May 2015.

The RDCK has made an application to the Build Canada Fund to fund two thirds of the cost for phase 4 and to the Strategic Priorities Fund for 100% of the cost. The RDCK will receive results from these applications in the fall. If not successful, Phase 4 and some future phases would have to be funded with support of borrowing. Phase 4 consists of both 2.7 km Arrow South Main Line Replacement and Erickson Reservoir Replacement project.

2.       Arrow Creek Water Treatment Plant Membrane Filter Replacement Project

The Arrow Creek Water Treatment Plant was commissioned in 2005. The supplier suggested life expectancy of the plant membrane filters was 7-10 years. The RDCK has carefully managed and maintained the filters in order to maximize life expectancy. One third of the membranes were replaced in early 2015 at a cost of $280,000. The RDCK took advantage of replacement pricing established in 2005 before the agreement expired and committed all available membrane replacement reserves.

The remaining two thirds of the membranes will be replaced in late 2015 and 2016 at an anticipated higher cost. 

Water Quality Monitoring

2016 Annual Report of Monitoring (Erickson / Arrow Creek)


This system is currently owned and operated by the RDCK. The RDCK receives community-specific advice and policy guidance from the Erickson Water Distribution Service Commission. The RDCK maintains a separate office for management of the Erickson water system. This office can be reached at (250) 428-2612.

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