Fauquier Water System

System Description and Governance

The system was constructed in 1966 as part of a compensation program associated with the construction of the Keenlyside Dam. 

In January 2011, the Fauquier water system was converted to a Regional District service. This system was historically owned and operated by the Fauquier Water and Sewer Corporation, a subsidiary company of BC Hydro. 

Fauquier utilizes a SCADA system, which allows for remote system monitoring.

Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and Number of Connections

The system services 93 active connections.


The system is located in the community of Fauquier, within RDCK Electoral Area K. Fauquier is on the east side of Lower Arrow Lake.  The Needles Ferry landing is part of the Fauquier Water System.


The Fauquier water system derives source water from Heart Creek.


A screen at the point of diversion removes coarse debris from the water supply.

A water treatment plant was constructed in Fauquier in 2015 to improve water quality. The treatment plant includes sand filtration for reducing turbidity and chlorination for bacteria and virus disinfection.

The water source, Heart Creek, is subject to erosion during spring freshet and heavy rainfall events which result in elevated turbidity levels requiring a water quality advisory to be issued.


The system includes a 1,135,000 litre concrete reservoir. A second, 50,000 litre steel tank stores water for residences at higher elevations within the community.

Distribution System

The system includes 6,361 metres of PVC and asbestos-cement water lines, as well as 1,760 metres of copper service connection lines. A booster pump station delivers water to the secondary storage tank and upper pressure zone along Willow Street.


This system has adequate storage and hydrant spacing for fire-fighting. The level of fire protection available meets the Fire Underwriters Survey standards. The Fauquier water system was recognized by FUS as having a water system capable of fire protection for insurance purposes in 2000 but the Regional District does not provide a fire protection service for the area. Subscribing insurance providers can get water system grading information from Fire Underwriters Survey.

Significant Issues

At present, the community golf course uses water from the Fauquier system. Multiple reports have recommended that the community golf course access a separate source for irrigation, especially during peak demand periods.

Asbestos cement pipe is aging and requires replacement.

Plans for Future Upgrades

The small upper pressure zone water storage reservoir is considered to be in poor condition and may be abandoned in upcoming years. If abandoned, standby power is planned for the small upper pressure zone booster station. 

An asbestos cement pipe replacement program is planned underway. 

The addition of ultraviolet light disinfection to the treatment process is planned in the near future.

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Plan is complete and updated annually.  The Asset Management Plan identifies required asset replacements over a 25 year and 100 year period and identifies annual contributions to water system reserves required to fund the replacements.


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