Erickson Water System

Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and number of connections

The system services 697 active connections and is the largest of the water systems managed by the RDCK.


The system is located in Erickson just outside the eastern border of Creston, crossing the boundary of RDCK Electoral Areas B and C.


The Erickson Water System derives source water from Arrow Creek, which is classified as a Community Watershed. The creek has benefited for several years from an ongoing water quality monitoring program. Historic water quality data for Arrow Creek indicate that, in general, the water quality falls within acceptable levels for the majority of parameters in the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. Coliform levels, however, typically exceed the criteria and exhibit high seasonal variability. Arrow Creek is susceptible to low flows during drought years, which could impact drinking water supply during high water demands. 

Agriculture Water Demand Study

Completed in December, 2019, the priority of the Erickson Water Service – Agriculture Water Demand Study report was to evaluate the current and potential agricultural water demand requirements in the Erickson Water Service area.  The Erickson water service is facing increased development pressure within the existing service area boundary as well as from neighbouring non-RDCK water systems.  The region is presently experiencing growth in the tree fruit sector and these demands, in addition to the influence of climate change impacts will place an increased pressure on the water supply and delivery system.  To assist in planning for and managing a sustainable water service over the long term, this study was completed to evaluate current and projected potential agricultural water demand in Erickson.

The Arrow Creek Treatment Plant is operated at capacity for long periods of time during hot weather, and Arrow Creek is susceptible to low flows during droughts. The Regional District is exploring universal metering implementation to help control water demand and identify leakage. 

System description

The system was first developed in 1929 by the East Creston Irrigation District, and later became the Erickson Improvement District with the amalgamation of the Erickson Irrigation District. The system was converted to a RDCK service in 2003. 

In 2005 a new water treatment plant was commissioned on Arrow Creek following a referendum in which water users considered multiple options for treatment. This plant now serves the Erickson community as well as the Town of Creston.


The treatment process includes coarse screening, settling and fine screening for turbidity reduction in two Arrow Creek intake settling ponds, membrane filtration for physical removal of microbiological components, and ultraviolet light and chlorination disinfection of bacteria and viruses. A System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) unit allows for remote plant monitoring and operation.

Water Quality Monitoring


Two enclosed reservoirs constructed in 2017 provides storage for the Erickson system for fire fighting and additional water during peak demand periods.

Distribution system

Eleven (11) kilometres of mainline providse drinking water to residents of the Erickson community and the Town of Creston. Several kilometers of the pipeline, originally constructed in 1929, were replaced in a multi-phased project beginning in 2008 and completed in 2018. The distribution system was originally designed to operate as a flume and not as a pressurized system; the mainline replacement reduced system leakage by over 50%.


Storage and pressure in the Erickson system meets standardized requirements for fire protection in some areas. For more information contact your subscribing insurance provider.  RDCK Water Services plans to conduct a Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) assessment in 2018, to determine fire protection capabilities gained due to the Erickson Water System upgrades project.

Significant issues

The Arrow Creek Mainline project addressed a significant issue in the Erickson Water System. However, there still remains asbestos concrete and steel watermains in the distribution system that are at or nearing end-of-life which need to be replaced. 

Plans for future upgrades

Sections of asbestos concrete and steel watermains that are at or nearing end-of-life will be replaced over the next several years. The following projects are planned:

  • Universal metering implementation plan currently underway to be ready for grant opportunities 
  • Open reservoir decommissioning, equipment replacement, safety upgrades, Erickson reservoir oveflow and Arrow intake improvements in 2021. 

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) is complete and being updated annually.  The 2018 AMP summary report can be viewed HERE

The RDCK has received grant funding under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) in 2018 to develop a Risk & Criticality Assessment model for the water system's distribution network.  This Risk & Criticality Assessment model is now a component of the AMP and is included when RDCK management considers asset replacement dates or the prioritization of upgrade work on the highest risk/highest need.


This system is currently owned and operated by the RDCK. The RDCK receives community-specific advice and policy guidance from the Erickson Water Distribution Service Commission. The RDCK maintains a separate office for management of the Erickson water system. This office can be reached at (250) 428-2612.

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