RDCK Water Systems

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The Regional District currently owns and operates the following water services:

Water Services Community Advisory Committee

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is soliciting Expression of Interest from residents on various Water Systems who wish to serve on a Water Services Community Advisory Committee (WSCAC).

WSCAC Purpose:

The RDCK establishes WSCACs to:

  • Gather locally-specific input regarding the management of water systems; and,
  • Facilitate ongoing communication between water users and the RDCK.

 Roles & Responsibilities

RDCK staff may consult the WSCAC on issues including, but not limited to:

  • Operations and maintenance policies;
  • Cost recovery approaches, including setting metered rates;
  • Water conservation programs; and
  • Capital works projects.


A WSCAC will consist of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) community members, each of whom must reside within the utility service area or be the registered owner of property within the utility service area.

The term of the appointment will be 3 years. In order to be considered for appointment, applicants must be willing and able to attend 1 or 2 meetings a year, held during business hours at the RDCK’s head office in Nelson (in person or via conference call).

 Please review the Water and Wastewater System Community Advisory Committee Bylaw No. 2858, 2023 for more information.

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