Building Inspection

Notice for Applicants:
On May 1, 2023, the RDCK as per the updated BC Building Code will require every new building to deliver a level of energy-efficiency performance equivalent to 20% more energy efficient over a 2018 baseline building. With this increase in Energy Step Code requirements, small residential homes (Part 9) will be required to meet Step 3, with more complex buildings (Part 3) required to meet Step 2. 


This change will not affect existing in-progress building permits; however, applications received after May 1,  2023 will need to show that the design of the building meets the new mandatory Step Code requirements. Please see the Step Code page for more details.

Established in September 1966 as Bylaw 4, the RDCK building inspection service issues building and plumbing permits and conducts building inspections throughout the entire geographic area of the Regional District. From ski lodges on provincially tenured lands high up in the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains, to single family dwellings in densely populated private lands adjacent to or in one of the nine municipalities, to farm buildings on an immense agricultural property of the Creston Valley or industrial sawmill sites in a highway corridor; building and plumbing permits are required throughout the vast geographic area of the RDCK.

Our offices in Creston, Nakusp and Nelson along with our staff of six building officials and several support staff process permits and conduct inspections year round. RDCK officials also provide service to the six municipalities of Kaslo, Nakusp, New Denver, Salmo, Silverton and Slocan on a weekly or twice weekly schedule. Each municipality has scheduled office hours for in person appointment opportunity with the Building Official.

Building construction has evolved from an industry which followed the seasons to one where the construction cycle ebbs only slightly in the winter months, then peaks in the spring and fall. With approximately 3000 permits active at any one time, the demands upon staff who are spread over so large a geographic area are considerable. We strive to provide fair, considered, and timely service, but require that proponents submit complete accurate applications which can be processed efficiently.

Onsite inspections are required. Projects shall be ready for the inspection requested, as re-inspection may cause considerable delay to the proponent when our attendance onsite is limited by staff ability to attend sites over the vast geographic considerations of the district.

Building Permit Applications

A Building or Plumbing Permit is required when you wish to:

  • Construct a New Home
  • Construct a new accessory building such as a carport, garage or storage shed
  • Construct a farm building
  • Construct a temporary building
  • Renovate existing buildings
  • Undertake any structural work such as interior partitions
  • Decks having a difference in elevation to grade exceeding 2 feet
  • Enclose a porch or roof over a sundeck
  • Construct a retaining wall retaining more than 5 feet of soil
  • Move a building
  • Locate a manufactured home, modular home or other engineered structure as required by the BC Building Code
  • Construct an addition
  • Install a pool (re. fencing requirements)
  • Demolish a building or structure
  • Change the use or occupancy of a building
  • Renovate your dwelling to create a secondary suite
  • Install a fire alarm system
  • Install commercial kitchen ventilation equipment
  • Install a new drainage or water piping system in any building
  • Alter or remodel a plumbing system
  • Install a fire suppression system

Permit processing and plan review turnaround times are dependent upon the workloads of staff. During normal periods of building activity, all attempts are made to ensure complete and accurate building permit applications are issued within 6 weeks of application. However, the construction industry is seasonal and you should expect longer wait times in the spring and early fall periods – the current high volume of applications has stretched this permit turnaround time to 8+ weeks and we ask for your patience as we recruit staff to address this. Please plan ahead and call your local office for the processing times currently experienced by applicants.

The Building Inspection Department provides a public service to builders and property owners. The building permit process requires new buildings to be reviewed to ensure compliance with the British Columbia Building Code (and the standards it references) and Regional District Bylaws.

The RDCK Building Bylaw regulates building construction and clarifies the responsibility of property owners and builders in the Central Kootenay. The British Columbia Building Code applies to the construction, addition, alteration and change of use of most buildings.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay has a staff of Building / Plumbing Officials who provide information to the public, review plans for potential deficiencies and provide inspections at specified intervals.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay provides inspection services in Electoral Areas A to K as well as in the municipalities of Kaslo, Nakusp, New Denver, Salmo, Silverton and Slocan. RDCK Building Officials are located in Nelson, Creston and Nakusp. For inspections in the municipalities of Castlegar, Creston or Nelson, please contact those municipalities specifically.

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