Do I need a building/plumbing permit for my proposed project?

Click here to confirm when a building/plumbing permit is required.  If you are not sure after reviewing the list then please contact your local Building Office. BACK TO TOP

Where can I get a building/plumbing permit application?

Click here to download a RDCK Building Permit Application or pick one up from any local Building Office. BACK TO TOP

What documentation should I include with my building permit application?

Click here for information on documentation required when submitting a building permit application.  Also consult our Building Brochure for detailed information. BACK TO TOP

Where can I download a copy of the RDCK Building Bylaw?

Click here to download a copy of the RDCK Building Bylaw. BACK TO TOP 

How will I know when my permit is ready?

Permit applications take approximately 4 weeks to process.  If further information is required in order to process your permit, or if your permit is ready to be issued we will contact you or your designated representative directly.  Please ensure you provide detailed contact information on your application form. BACK TO TOP

For how long will my permit remain valid?

RDCK building/plumbing permits are valid for a period of (3) years and are able to be extended, once only, for a period of (1) year as long as the permit has not expired.  Your permit will expire if the work is not commenced within (6) months from the date of issuance; if the work is discontinued or suspended for a period of more than (12) months; or if the work is not completed within (3) years. BACK TO TOP

When should I call for a inspection?

Click here to check the list of required inspections.  Please note that you MUST call for all required inspections during construction. BACK TO TOP 

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