It is the responsibility of the owner or designated representative to call for inspections as construction proceeds.  Failure to call for inspection at the appropriate time may result in project delays.  All work to be inspected must be visible and not concealed by further construction.

When requesting an inspection please provide the permit number, site address and owner’s name as well as the type of inspection required.  We require at least three business days notice to be able to schedule your inspection.

Permit documentation must be on site for each inspection and made available to the Building Official, please also ensure that the permit identification sign is posted so it is clearly visible from the road.

Required Building Inspections:


After excavation and footing formwork is complete, BEFORE placing concrete.



Tie holes filled, after the application of foundation damp proofing and installation of foundation perimeter drainage pipe covered by drain rock BEFORE backfilling.

3. PLUMBING (underslab)

Groundwork completed. Drains under test with a 3 metre head of water BEFORE backfilling.  Inspection not required if work is completed by a certified journeyman plumber who certifies the work with a written “Certificate of Test”.


Under slab damp-proofing and soil gas barrier installed with required under slab insulation for heated slab or no insulation with unheated slab and a 4” radon collection pipe bedded in 4” thick layer of clean granular crush BEFORE PLACING CONCRETE.

5. FRAMING & ROUGH PLUMBING (requested as ONE inspection)                                                                 

Framing completed to lock-up stage with windows and exterior doors installed (temporary labels in place for inspection)

Electrical and mechanical rough-in completed;

P. Eng. sealed manufactured beam and joist specifications on site

P. Eng. sealed truss specification with layout on site

Mechanical ventilation checklist completed and on site

Rough-in plumbing to be under test; schedule WITH FRAMING inspection

Radon pipe installed up and through roof

Exterior air barrier complete BEFORE INSULATION


Insulation and vapour barrier installed; BEFORE installation of drywall.


With ALL life safety components completed and installed: smoke alarms, handrails, guards on stairs and decks, minimum of one completed washroom, kitchen sink and exhaust fan installed,  heating system complete, etc.


When the work authorized under a building permit has been completed.


As directed by the Building Official.

Note: Fewer inspections may be required for smaller buildings, please consult the Building Official. 

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