Professional Certification

Professional Certification will be required for some or all aspects of most buildings. 

This will include Architectural design for Complex Buildings and Engineering as follows:

  • Structural design for all building foundations and foundation excavations except as specifically exempted by the Building Bylaw for Standard Buildings
  • Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Geotechnical design for all Complex Buildings
  • Structural design for all structural systems and engineered products not explicitly covered by Part 9 of the B.C. Building Code 

When Professional Certification is required for construction, the following documentation may be required at the permit application stage, please contact your local Building Office for confirmation: 

  • Professional seal and signature on the construction plans
  • Letters of Assurance in the format prescribed by the BC Building Code
  • Certificate of Engineer’s liability insurance

Where letters of assurance are required to issue a building permit, the corresponding schedules C-A and C-B must be received from the registered professional prior to occupancy of the building.

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