Civic Addressing

Applying for a Civic Address

The RDCK will provide civic addressing numbers upon request. An address may also be assigned prior to a building permit if required for the installation of utilities or delivery of materials. The electronic form for requesting an address can be downloaded from the link below:

                                                                   Civic Address Application

It is very important to have a site plan to show where a property is accessed. If using a hard copy form, please use the back of the form to draw a detailed diagram of the property boundaries, drive way access and structures. If submitting electronically, please use the Public Web Map to provide a site plan (more instructions available on the application form).

Completed applications can be emailed to or sent by mail to the main office at Box 590, 202 Lakeside Drive, Nelson, BC V1L 5R4along with payment (cheque or money order).  A fee of $75.00 is required per address. Unfortunately, we cannot accept e-transfers, over the phone or credit card payment. We do accept cash, debit or cheque at the front desk, or online/mobile banking payments once an application has been submitted (dependent on Financial Instituion).

Purpose of Civic Addressing
A Civic address is a sequential number assigned off the closest known named road for the purpose of navigating or way finding to that location. Local governments are responsible for assigning civic addressing in British Columbia. All property owners are encouraged to apply for civic addressing for emergency 911 service purposes. It is also essential to receive Canada Post mail service and a secondary means for property identification with BC Assessment.

RDCK Geospatial service only manages civic address assignment for rural areas. Residents who live in Nelson, Creston, Castlegar, Nakusp, Salmo, Kaslo, Silverton, New Denver or Slocan, should contact their offices directly for advice on how civic addressing assignment is managed. The RDCK geospatial services will communicate with these municipalities to incorporate assigned addressing into the RDCK Public Web map service.

Do you already have a Civic Address?
Property owners may use the Public Web Map to confirm whether they already have a civic address. Residents can search for their property in the search bar - entering their Civic Address, PID or Folio; or zoom in on the map to locate their property. If an address number appears in the mapping, that property does indeed have an existing civic address. If no address number is found, the property owner will need to apply for a new civic address.

Civic Addressing for Canada Post
Canada Post uses local government Civic Addressing to provide their mail delivery services. Property owners requiring services from Canada Post will need to provide proof of civic addressing to their local post office. Visit the Canada Post Website for more information.

If a property does not have a civic address, the property owner will need to apply to the RDCK for a civic address. Canada Post will be notified by the RDCK once the civic address has been assigned.

If a property has an existing civic address the property owner may generate their own Property Information Report for Canada Post verification using the RDCK Public Web Map. If a civic address exists within the RDCK Web Map, it is considered valid. The Property Information Report provides civic address information, legal property information and more.

Follow the instructions below to verify an address and generate the Property Information Report.

  1. Open the RDCK Public Web Map
  2. In the top left tool bar, select the more button (3 lines) to open the other panels window
  3. In the other panels window, select the Property Information Report
  4. In the Search bar enter the property PID or Civic Address, if known. The map will then zoom in to the property
  5. Select the Report button to execute and open the Report panel
  6. Select the Printer button and use the default print layout
  7. Select Print button to generate a preview of the Property Information Report
    1. If desired adjust the map view or turn on other map layers to include on the report map such as ‘Labels and Place Names’, then re-generate the report preview
    2. Note : The report title and comments can be edited in the report preview
  8. In the report preview, select the Print button and choose to print or save as a PDF
  9. For more details and options for using the Property Information Report tool, select the Map Info button in the top right of the web map and scroll down to the Property Information Report link

Contact Us
For assistance verifying an address or to request a new one, please contact the Development Services Department at 250-352-1536 or the toll free number (reception) listed to the right.

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