Permit Application

Notice for Applicants:

On May 1, 2023, the RDCK as per the updated BC Building Code will require every new building to deliver a level of energy-efficiency performance equivalent to 20% more energy efficient over a 2018 baseline building. With this increase in Energy Step Code requirements, small residential homes (Part 9) will be required to meet Step 3, with more complex buildings (Part 3) required to meet Step 2. 


This change will not affect existing in-progress building permits; however, applications received after May 1,  2023 will need to show that the design of the building meets the new mandatory Step Code requirements. Please see the Step Code page for more details.

Applications for building permits are available by clicking on the link:  RDCK Building Permit Application Form or at any of the Building Offices during scheduled hours.

Submitting a Permit Application Electronically - A scanned copy of the Permit Application form can be submitted via email to along with supporting documentation.

Please see Forms page for Checklist Support Documents.

Emailed attachments cannot exceed 10 MB per email.  If your files are too large to attach, please email the above address and a ShareFile link will be provided so that you can upload your documents.

Notice for Applicants: The RDCK cautions applicants that they should expect longer than normal permit processing and issuance timelines (currently 4-6 weeks) due to historically high construction activity and a record number of permit applications in the region – a trend that is reflected across BC. We encourage applicants to submit their permit applications well in advance of their planned construction.


Applicants should also ensure that they come prepared with a “counter ready application”, meaning that it is complete and free from errors or omissions. By doing so, you’ll help reduce processing time and do your part to make sure your project stays on schedule. Please consult the Building Brochure in the link below to assist you with preparing your supporting materials for your application. Thank you in advance for your patience during this time.


August 2023

Attention to sustainability in planning and building your project will create a quality building with reduced long-term utility costs. Use these checklists to help plan, design and build with goals of sustainability and energy-efficiency. Visit the Regional Energy Efficiency program for more information at

Residential Sustainability Checklist
Commercial Sustainability Checklist

Construction shall not commence before a building permit has been issued. To ensure expedient permit processing:

  • The application must be complete - please refer to our Building Brochure for the requirements
  • The contact information must be correct
  • The owner and the representative must sign the Owner’s Representative Form application.

 For current building permit fees refer to the schedule here: Fee-Schedule.

The following, where applicable, are required to be submitted with your Building Permit Application.   


    • Two sets of detailed building plans. If you find that you cannot draw the necessary plans, then you should obtain the services of a qualified person. Preferred scale 1/4” =  1” - 0”
    • Plan indicating:
      • North Arrow
      • Location & uses of proposed/existing construction and additions
      • All lot dimensions
      • All distances from property lines, steep slopes and water courses for proposed construction and/or additions
      • Location of driveway access from named roads
      • Size, location and number of on-site parking spaces (if required)
      • Location of proposed or existing sewage field and water well
      • Scale of Site Plan
    • If the application for permit is to construct a dwelling, the owner must, prior to issuance of the permit, submit a “New Home Registration Form” that is acquired from BC Housing OR the licensed builder. Further information may be obtained from the BC Housing website:
  4. SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS (if required)
    • Where a private Sewage Disposal System is to be installed in accordance with the Sewerage System Regulations in British Columbia, contact a Registered Practitioner or Engineer. For a list of contractors in your area visit:
  5. AN ACCESS PERMIT (if required)
    • If access is from a major Highway, an Access Permit for confirmation of legal access to the property is required from the appropriate Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure District Office (see list on last page). 
    • A current copy of your Title Search is required, dated within 30 days of the date of application and a copy of any and all covenants. (The RDCK can retrieve these documents for a small fee)
    • Professional Certification of plans may be required as a condition of the issuance of a Permit.
    • Please visit our Professional Certification page for more information on engineering requirements.
  8. BC Energy Compliance Report – Pre-construction form  (all residential part 9 new builds)
    • Completed by a Certified Energy Advisor licensed by Natural Resources Canada.
  9. Pre construction HOT2000 Model Full Report  (all residential part 9 new builds)
    • Printout or electronic version of the complete pre construction HOT2000 Model Full Report
  10. If construction is within a manufactured home park, a signed form: Manufactured Home Park Owner/Manager approval

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