Edgewood Water System

System Description and Governance

The system was constructed in 1966 as part of a compensation program associated with the construction of the Keenlyside Dam. An upgrade to some system components and controls was completed in 2001. This upgrade included installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, which allows for remote system operation and monitoring.

In January 2011, ownership and operation of the Edgewood water system was transferred to the Regional District. This system was historically owned and operated by the Edgewood Water Corporation, a subsidiary company of BC Hydro.

Annual Drinking Water Information

Size and Number of Connections

The system currently services 92 active connections. 


The system is located in the community of Edgewood, within RDCK Electoral Area K. Edgewood is on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake off of Highway 6 between Nakusp and Vernon.


The Edgewood water system derives source water from two new wells drilled in 2017 that are located off Eagle Crescent.


The new well sources for this system are in an aquifer that is presumed to not be directly influenced by surface water and does not have a pathogen risk and as a result, disinfection is not implemented. Water quality data continues to be collected to confirm good water quality. 


The system includes a 600,000 litre insulated bolted steel storage tank.

Distribution System

The system includes 3,147 metres of PVC, steel, and asbestos-concrete mainlines, as well as 2,060 metres of copper service connection lines. Recent asbestos cement pipe sample testing indicates that asbestos cement pipe should be replaced soon. 


Edgewood is not a Fire Underwriters Survey rated fire system. 

Significant Issues

Asbestos cement pipe in the distribution system needs to be replaced soon due to age and condition. 

Plans for Future Upgrades

 The following capital projects are planned:

  • Removal of the old reservoir
  • Stand-by power for the new wells including modifications to the old wells so they can be used by the volunteer fire group
  • New well fencing

Asset Management Planning

An Asset Management Plan is complete and updated annually.  The Asset Management Plan identifies required asset replacements over a 25 year and 100 year period and identifies annual contributions to water system reserves required to fund the replacements.

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