Board Meeting - August 2022 Highlights

Assent Voting – Electoral Area H Local Conservation Fund

The Board approved assent voting (referendum) to determine whether Electoral Area H will join the Regional District of Central Kootenay Local Conservation Fund Service. If approval of the electors is obtained, Electoral Area H will be a full participant in the Local Conservation Fund Service at a cost of $15 per parcel of land to be collected annually. For more information about the fund and voting opportunities, go to

Recreation Commission No.10 – Portion of Electoral Area E Service Establishment

The Board approved the bylaw change to the Recreation Commission No. 10 – Portion of Electoral Area E Service Establishment Bylaw. The change, which was obtained through the Alternative Approval Process, allows the RDCK to increase the annual requisition limit to provide recreational programming to Balfour, Harrop and Procter. Go to for more information.

Krestova regional parkland purchase

The RDCK has entered into an agreement to purchase two parcels of private land totalling approximately 134 acres in Krestova, Electoral Area H, as regional parkland. The purchase price of the land is $870,000. The RDCK Board approved a $250,000 Community Development Grant to be put towards the purchase. A donation of $145,000 has also been secured, while the remaining $475,000 must be raised by the RDCK through individual donations and other sources such as grants by October 5, 2022.

The RDCK will host a community meeting in Krestova, Monday, August 29 at 7:00 pm at the Krestova Hall (3325 Krestova Road) to discuss options for fundraising.

Stewards of Six Mile Advocacy Group

Dave Afford and Bob Rutherglen, members of the Stewards of Six Mile Advocacy Group, appeared as a delegation to discuss prioritizing Duhamel Creek for flood mitigation work. While the RDCK has identified the creek as a high priority, the group contends prompt action should be taken to mitigate the affects of aging infrastructure and climate change. They are also requesting funding from appropriate agencies to cover the cost of flood mitigation.

Directors Reports

RDCK Directors provide monthly reports explaining what they have been working on. Click here to read the August reports in the Board minutes (agenda item 3.4, pg.129).

Click here to view a print-friendly PDF version.

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