Yard & Garden Waste - Seasonal Free Tipping

During the months of April and October (only) the following Resource Recovery Facilities accept Yard & Garden Waste for FREE:

During the month of May and October (only) the following Resource Recovery Facilities accept Yard & Garden Waste for FREE:

As per the RDCK's Resource Recovery Facilities Regulatory BylawYard and Garden Waste means biodegradable, organic materials, substances or objects including, but not limited to: hedge clippings, weeds, shrubs, and shrub and tree branches between 5 and 15 centimeters (2"-6”) in diameter, chipped Yard and Garden Waste, but does not include: 

a)      tree stumps;
b)      Noxious Weeds;
c)      plants or growing media that may have been identified by the Canadian Food
         Inspection Agency from time to time as infectious or potentially infectious and
         of which notice has been sent to the Regional District or publicized by the
         Canadian Food Inspection Agency;
d)      plant and tree material in municipal street sweepings;
e)      rocks, sand and Waste Soil; or
f)       fruit or vegetable material
g)      chipped Wood Waste.
h)      Plant and/or animal matter, such as food waste, which typically processed through composting.


  • The waived fee is available to residents and businesses, HOWEVER commercial loads and loads greater than 2.5 m3 must be taken to a LANDFILL ONLY. 
  • Disposals are limited to one pick-up truck load per customer, per day. Additional loads of Yard and Garden Waste may be charged for disposal. The limit is intended to help site staff manage volumes of material, traffic, and accessibility of this event to all customers.
  • All Yard and Garden waste must be secured during transportation, and must be tipped as loose material. ALL BAGS MUST BE EMPTIED AND REMOVED BY THE CUSTOMER.
  • Residential loads equivalent to one pick-up truck bed (less than 2.5m3) can be deposited at transfer stations.
  • Expect delays and be patient.
  • Space at some sites may be limited. Site Staff reserve the right to limit the number of loads disposed by any customer, based on available storage space.

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