Eco Depots

What are Eco Depots?

Eco Depots are facilities that accept a wide range of potentially harmful items for safe disposal and recycling. Multiple Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs in British Columbia are responsible for the collection of these items which include antifreeze, used motor, old electronics, batteries and paint. Eco Depots combine the collection services of multiple EPR programs in one location to improve access and increase convenience for users allowing them to drop off multiple items in one trip.

Who Operates Them?

Eco Depots are located in many communities around the province and operated by local governments, service organizations and/or small businesses. EPR programs provide funding and transportation for the collection of their designated materials by depot operators. The RDCK encourages EPR programs to seek out local businesses and organizations to partner with and establish more drop-off locations in the district that are accessible for all residents.

What Items are Accepted?

The list of accepted items at an Eco Depot depends on which EPR programs participate in collection at that location. The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) maintains a list of depot locations in BC and what materials can be brought to each. Some Eco Depots also work with environmental disposal companies to accept Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) such as cleaners, pool chemicals and other difficult to dispose of materials that are not covered by any current EPR programs. Typically an Eco Depot will accept some combination of: batteries, electronics, lighting products, paint and used oil. Contact the depot operator to confirm if a certain item is accepted.

Where are Eco Depots Located?

Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre
120 Silica Street
Nelson, BC

This is the first Eco Depot to open in the RDCK through a partnership between the Nelson Leafs and the RDCK. Contact the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre for more information and a complete list of accepted materials. The RDCK is actively engaged to find more partners in other communities and hopes this will serve as a model for future Eco Depots in the District.

Phone: Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre (250) 354-4922

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