2019-2021 Resource Recovery Plan Update

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is required by legislation to have a Solid Waste Management Plan (Resource Recovery Plan) approved by the BC Minister of Environment.  The RDCK's current Resource Recovery Plan was approved in 2010 and the RDCK will be updating the Plan in 2019-2021.

The RDCK has commenced a process to update the regional Resource Recovery Plan. The Plan update will be developed over the upcoming year, and will determine the direction for delivery of waste and recycling services over the next ten year period.

This webpage has two functions: it will serve as a portal for information pertaining to the Resource Recovery Plan update process as well as relaying opportunities for public input. Please check back regularly to be informed on the Plan progress, and to see opportunities for involvement in the Plan update.

Resource Recovery System Overview Report

The RDCK prepared a Resource Recovery System Overview Report in May 2017 to provide the community with current information about the facilities and services that comprise the solid waste and recycling management system. It includes a basic description of the major areas of interest, a discussion of works completed to implement the 2010 RDCK Resource Recovery Plan, and outlines the new projects and services the RDCK proposes to focus on over the next ten years.  The Resource Recovery Overview Report Summary provide further information.

Organic Waste Diversion Strategy

A key feature of the updated Resource Recovery Plan will be the Organic Waste Diversion Strategy. Diverting organic waste from landfills has been identified by the provincial government as a solid waste management priority. The RDCK has engaged with commnunity stakeholders, municipal partners and consultants to develop a draft strategy for managing organics and removing them from the waste stream. 

Resource Recovery Plan Update Timeline

May 2017 System Overview Report release.
June 2017 Community Survey and Stakeholder Workshops for Organic Waste Diversion and Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial (ICI) Recycling.
2018 Development of Organics Waste Diversion Strategy and new recycling program.
July 2020 Technical review and development of strategies for organics management, recycling, outreach and education initiatives and residuals management.
October 2020 - June 2021 Draft Resource Recovery Plan Update complete. 
May 2021 Stakeholder and public consultation for Resource Recovery Plan Update.
July 2021

Incorporate consultation results and finalize plan for release and submission to the Ministry of Environment for approval. 

Public Input Opportunities

** Check back regularly to hear about current public input opportunities

Resource Recovery Plan Advisory Committee (RRPAC)

In order to promote a higher level of public involvement in the Resource Recovery Plan implementation process the RDCK has established an Advisory Committee.  Committee members have been appointed; however, the general public are encouraged to participate in the Resource Recovery Plan implementation process by attending RRPAC meetings.

The Resource Recovery Plan Advisory Committee (RRPAC) will meet regularly during the Plan update process. Meetings are open to the public and meeting dates can be seen on the RDCK Events Calendar.

2019-2021 RRPAC Meeting Dates Discussion Items

February 19, 2019

Meeting Minutes

  • Committee Re-Appointments
  • Overview / Update on Planning Process
  • Organic Waste Diversion Strategy Update
  • Recycle BC Update
  • Guiding Principals Review and Confirmation

April 24, 2019

Meeting Minutes

  • Reduction and Reuse Strategies
  • Residential Recycling
  • Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Recycling
  • Public Education and Outreach

May 14, 2019

Meeting Minutes

  • Organics Diversion
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Household Hazardous Waste Management
  • Specified Risk Material Management
November 13, 2019
Meeting Minutes
  • Recommended Plan Components
  • Estimated Costs
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Plan Monitoring
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Draft Resource Recovery Plan
  • Community Consultation Program

February 18, 2020

Meeting Minutes

  • Residual Waste Management (Landfills and Transfer Stations) – current system, issues and options – to be done by RDCK staff and their engineering consultant

March 3, 2020

Meeting Minutes

  • RDCK Resource Recovery Administration
  • Phase 1 Financing the RDCK Resource Recovery System
  • Plan Monitoring
  • Dispute Resolution
August 18, 2020
Meeting Minutes
  • Regional Composting Updates
  • Regional Septage Strategy Updates
  • Recycle BC Updates
  • Outstanding or New Recommendations
  • Adjusted Timelines

October 13, 2020
Meeting Minutes

  • Phase 2 Financing and the RDCK Resource Recovery System
  • West Sub-region residual collection and transport modelling

March 16, 2021
Remote Meeting

  • Present draft public consultation plan and targets to RRPAC

April 13, 2021
Remote Meeting

  • Present draft Resource Recovery Plan to RRPAC

June 15, 2021
Remote Meeting

  • Present public consultation results to RRPAC and finalize the RRP

 The Public Consultation Plan outlines the proposed approach to public and stakeholder consultation during the Plan update.

At any time if you have any questions or comments regarding the Resource Recovery Plan update, please contact Todd Johnston, Environmental Coordinator, at (250) 352-1523 or ResourceRecovery@rdck.bc.ca.  

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