Pass Creek Park Management Plan


The Pass Creek Regional Park Management Plan was adopted by the RDCK board of directors on January 21, 2016.

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Public Involvement

A Public Meeting was held on June 22, 2015 to gather your comments on the Draft Pass Creek Regional Park Management Plan.  This well established 35.2 hectare park is north of Castlegar within Area J of the Regional District of Central Kootenay.  The Draft Management Plan includes a range of recommendations and proposals to invest in recreational uses and preserve the park’s natural environment.


Pass Creek Regional Park is a 35.2 ha multi-use park site that is well established and has variety of facilities including a swimming pond, a beach, picnic areas, thirty camping sites, a children’s playground, a ball field, a soccer and field hockey field, nature trails and equestrian facilities.

Pass Creek Regional Park also has high ecological value and intact natural areas along Norns Creek and in the northeast portions of the park. Norns Creek is deemed vitally important for rainbow trout and mountain whitefish spawning. The park is considered a hotspot for biodiversity and maintains rare ecosystems such as the cottonwood riparian ecosystem (Castlegar and District Wildlife Association, 2011).

Management Plan

In September 2014, the Regional District engaged Juliet Anderton Consulting and Ecoscape Environmental to prepare the Pass Creek Regional Park Management Plan.  The management plan process has included consultation with interested organizations, approval authorities and the public. 

The Park Management Plan has been created to define the future direction, policies, priorities and actions for implementation by the Regional District.  Short and long term implementation strategies are identified to guide the operations, development and stewardship of the park, with a 10-year focus. 

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