16. Nelson Salmo Great Northern Trail

The Nelson Salmo Great Northern Trail is closed from Troup to the Hwy 6 crossing North of Cottonwood, until further notice, due to grizzly bear activity.

1501 Svoboda Road, Nelson (Svoboda Trailhead)
1101 Gore Street, Nelson (Mountain Station Trailhead)

Google Map
Google Map

Regional Park Service: Nelson, Salmo, Area E, Area F, Area G

The Nelson-Salmo Great Northern Trail provides recreation trail use on a former CPR rail right-of-way. The Regional District of Central Kootenay has entered into a License of Occupation Agreement with the Province for this trail, which runs along the former Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line from Troup Junction to the Village of Salmo. This trail is designated as a multiple purpose regional trail.  On this beautiful trial you can come in contact with local wildlife. Please visit WildsafeBC for wildlife conflict reduction strategies.









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