1. Balfour Beach Regional Park

8951 Meadow Street, Balfour

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Regional Park Service: Nelson, Salmo, Area E, Area F, Area G

The Balfour Beach facility lands consist of two Crown parcels, for a total area of 3.7 ha (9.2 ac). The lands are in their natural state, consisting mostly of steep, treed banks, with approximately 200m (650 ft) of water frontage. The beach area is accessed from the north and south ends from public roadways. The steep treed banks that flank the beach area are undeveloped. Use is limited to those accessing the park by foot or boat. The lands are owned by the Province of BC and the RDCK has entered into a Licence of Occupation agreement with the Province. The lands have minimal development and are used primarily by local residents.

Balfour Beach has been established to preserve access to a pristine waterfront and riparian environment. It is primarily used by local residents for day-use public recreation opportunities, including boating, swimming, walking, beachcombing, and nature appreciation.








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