6. Crawford Creek Regional Park

15941 Highway 3A, Crawford Bay

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Regional Park Service: Area A

Crawford Bay Regional Park Is composed of 28 fee simple lots totaling approximately 70 hectares that were acquired from Kokanee Springs Resort Ltd. in October 2018. The acquisition involved strategically located properties which are integral to the ongoing public use of the Crawford Bay beach, wetland and trail network.

Review Existing and Proposed Trails map and the Streamside Protection and Enhancement Areas map from the Biophysical Assessment Review.

New Trail Update

The RDCK, in coordination with the East Shore Trails and Bike Association (ESTBA) are working together on developing a new trail in the Crawford Creek Regional Park. This new trail will focus on enhancing trail safety and accessibility by providing accessible trails with crushed gravel resurfacing, providing a loop extension to the network and eliminating safety hazards by replacing the current failing wood bridge and abutments.

Knowing that there are ecologically sensitive areas within Crawford Creek Regional Park, brought forward through a Biophysical Assessment Review in 2020, the RDCK has been proactive since this project began to ensure all ecologically sensitive areas will be protected. Efforts include, continued consultation with a Registered Professional Biologist throughout the entirety of the project, filing and receiving approval for all environmental permits required and engaging a biologist to do a wildlife survey prior to starting construction on the trail to ensure we do not disrupt any habitats.

Sections of the park will be closed during phases of construction. Please be mindful, maintain a safe distance from equipment and trail crews working in the area, and observe on site signage.

Questions about the new trail project? Review our frequently asked questions. Click here to review them.


The RDCK has committed to working with the public and stakeholders to develop a management plan and governance structure for the park. At this time, the park is designated as a waterfront access and multiple purpose park.


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