Kootenay Lake Development Permit Area Review

*NEW* - Public Engagement Update 

Over the past year, RDCK Planning Staff have been working to answer the question: 

How can we ensure we are effectively caring for Kootenay Lake’s shoreline as development activities take place?

On November 8th and 9th, 2022, RDCK Planning Staff and representatives from the Ktunaxa Nation Council held two information sessions to share our key learnings from the Review to date and information on Ktunaxa cultural values for Kootenay Lake. If you missed the sessions, a recording of the presentations can be accessed by clicking the links below:

To make sure we are on the right track, a feedback form with potential options for the Development Permit Area (DPA) was available for anyone to fill out through November and December 2022.

The feedback received will inform any proposed changes by the RDCK Board of Directors. Once a direction has been solidified, the DPA will be presented to the Board for consideration. Stay tuned to this webpage to stay up to date with the Project.

Thank you for participating in the Review!

About the Project

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is undertaking a review of its Environmental Development Permit Areas (EDPAs) around Kootenay Lake. Environmental Development Permit Areas are one of the tools used by local governments to ensure that development activities are completed in a way that is sensitive to the natural environment. There are several EDPAs that have been in place around Kootenay Lake for a number of years.

Having EDPAs along Kootenay Lake is important. They require property owners to clearly understand the potential impacts of development activities to the foreshore, avoid these impacts where possible and mitigate or compensate for them where disturbance is unavoidable.

This review is being undertaken to develop a more consistent EDPA around Kootenay Lake. Currently, of the four Electoral Areas bordering the Lake (Areas A, D, E and F) only three (Areas A, D and E) have an EDPA in place. Electoral Area F does not have any EDPA in place.

The EDPA – the area where disturbance or development activities trigger the need for a permit – are different sizes depending on which Electoral Area they are in. Additionally, the expectations for development within these areas are not clearly laid out in each EDPA. These inconsistencies can lead to confusion or miscommunication around what is and isn’t acceptable for developing near Kootenay Lake and misunderstandings for when a Development Permit is required.

The purpose of the Kootenay Lake Development Permit Area Review is to make the EDPAs more consistent across the Electoral Areas, ensure they are aligned with the values of RDCK residents and reflect current conservation best practices. Doing so will preserve the shared values for Kootenay Lake for the long-term and ensure it is a healthy lake that can support all living things that depend on it.

Looking for more information?

Over the course of this project, RDCK staff have compiled a lot of information on Development Permit Areas, the Kootenay Lake DPA Review, and shoreline stewardship and riparian areas. Below are links to the resources created for this project:

Developement Permit Areas

Kootenay Lake DPA Review Project Information

Shoreline Stewardship & Riparian Areas

The Kootenay Lake Partnership’s (KLP) Shoreline Guidance Document contains detailed information on the ecological, archaeological and Ktunaxa cultural values along the shoreline of Kootenay Lake. To learn more, visit the Kootenay Lake Partnership website.

The Kootenay Conservation Program’s (KCP) Stewardship Solutions Toolkit can help you learn more about current programs and incentives in place for private land stewardship. Visit the Kootenay Conservation Partnership website for a lit of thse opportunities.

Questions for the Project Manager?

Corey Scott will be available for dedicated office hours to answer any questions you might have about the Review.

Office Hours 
Tuesdays to Thursdays
November 1st – December 1st, 2022
1:30PM – 3:30PM
Over the phone, online, or in person at the RDCK’s head office at 202 Lakeside Drive in Nelson.

Corey Scott
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