Kootenay Lake Development Permit Area Review

From 2020 to 2023, the RDCK reviewed its Environmental Development Permit Areas (EDPAs) around Kootenay Lake. Upon completion of the review`s public engagement, the RDCK Board of Directors decided to revisit any revisions to the EDPAs as part of each Electoral Area's community planning process. 

Thank you to all who participated in the review and provided their valuable feedback! The `What We Heard` Public Engagement Summary Report can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Kootenay Lake Development Permit Area Review -`What We Heard Report` 

About Environmental Development Permit Areas (EDPAs)

EDPAs are one of the tools used by local governments to ensure development activities are completed in a way that is sensitive to the natural environment. There are several EDPAs that have been in place around Kootenay Lake for a number of years. 

Having EDPAs along Kootenay Lake is important. They require property owners to understand the potential impacts of development activities to the foreshore, avoid these impacts where possible and mitigate or compensate for them where disturbance is unavoidable. 

Of the four Electoral Area bordering Kootenay Lake (Electoral Areas A, D, E, and F), three (Electoral Areas A, D, and E) have an EDPA in place. Electoral Area F does not have any EDPA in place.

The EDPAs - the area where disturbance or development activities trigger the need for a permit - are different sizes depending on which Electoral Area they are in. In Electoral Areas A and E, it extends 15 metres upland (approximately 50 feet) from the natural boundary of Kootenay Lake as well as any other watercourse, such as rivers, creeks, and wetlands. In Electoral Area D, it extends 30 metres (approximately 100 feet) from the natural boundary. 

Looking for more information?

Over the course of this project, RDCK staff have compiled a lot of information on Development Permit Areas, the Kootenay Lake DPA Review, and shoreline stewardship and riparian areas. Below are links to the resources created for this project:

Development Permit Areas

Shoreline Stewardship & Riparian Areas

The Kootenay Lake Partnership’s (KLP) Shoreline Guidance Document contains detailed information on the ecological, archaeological and Ktunaxa cultural values along the shoreline of Kootenay Lake. To learn more, visit the Kootenay Lake Partnership website.

The Kootenay Conservation Program’s (KCP) Stewardship Solutions Toolkit can help you learn more about current programs and incentives in place for private land stewardship. Visit the Kootenay Conservation Partnership website for a list of these opportunities.



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