Area E Community Planning Conversations

Electoral Area E Community Planning Survey Results

The results of the Land Use Survey for Electoral Area E are in! An overall summary with a breakdown for each community is provided and we strongly encourage everyone to read each community’s results. The needs of different community groups shine through and a major commonality is that the community would like more information about land use planning in Area E. The planning group at the RDCK is looking at the best way to provide that information based on the survey results. Thank you to all who responded.

 If you have questions related to the purpose of the survey and what the next steps are, please reference the Community Planning FAQ: Click here to view the FAQ.

As directed by the Board, RDCK staff may be continuing the community planning conversation in Area E’s interested communities to provide residents with more information on how planning can (or cannot) help address the land use concerns noted in the 2021 meetings and survey. Stay tuned to this project page for updates or contact the Planning Department either by phone at (250) 352-8165 or by e-mail at

In 2020, the RDCK Board of Directors approved a request by the Electoral Area ‘E’ local area Director to host a series of public open houses on land use planning. The request to the Board was prompted by a number of concerns over the years expressed by residents about activities taking place around Electoral Area ‘E’ that cannot be addressed through existing policies and regulations.

The goal of these public open houses is to share information on the various land use planning tools available to local governments and what is currently in place in Electoral Area ‘E’, and to hear from residents about their specific concerns and whether they think land use planning can help address these issues.

The open houses were held remotely throughout June and July of 2021. If you missed the June open houses and want to learn more, you can view the presentation by following the Planning 101 presentation link in the “Where Can I Find Out More?” 

The July meetings focused on more targeted discussions around the questions and concerns in the various unincorporated communities around Electoral Area ‘E’. If you missed attending the “Community Conversations” meetings, the slides are available in the links provided below:

Queen's Bay & Balfour: 
Area E Community Conversations - July 13, 2021

Harrop-Longbeach & Procter-Sunshine Bay:
Area E Community Conversations - July 20, 2021

Blewett & Mountain Station, Bealby/Svoboda, Ymir Road, Giveout Creek, Granite/Knox Road:
Area E Community Conversations - July 27, 2021

If you have questions about community planning or are interested in more information, visit the community planning page at:

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