State of Climate Action in the RDCK

Annual report on RDCK Climate Action


When the Board declared a climate action imperative in 2019, the RDCK began producing an annual report on climate action. The report is meant to:

  • Help the RDCK track the progress towards its climate action objectives and targets.
  • Evaluate and improve its climate action initiatives and efforts.
  • Maintain public transparency on these processes.
  • Demonstrate climate action leadership.

By tracking and reporting on climate action, the RDCK will also be able to find ways to streamline its efforts, achieve co-benefits through integration and collaboration between projects and initiatives, and optimize the use of time and resources.

History of Climate Action at the RDCK

  • 2007 – The RDCK joined the BC Climate Action Charter with a commitment to work towards carbon neutrality.
  • 2019 – The RDCK Board declared a Climate Action Imperative.
  • 2019 – The RDCK began producing an annual RDCK State of Climate Action report. Refer to the top of the page for our Annual report on RDCK Climate Action for more information and to see reports from past years.
  • 2019 – The RDCK entered into an agreement with Selkirk College for the Regional Approach to Rural Climate Adaptation Project Partnership.
  • 2019 – The Board directed staff to update the RDCK Policy Framework to incorporate a climate action lens.
  • 2022 – The Board adopted science-based carbon pollution reduction targets and directed staff to prepare a 4-year climate action plan.
  • 2023 – The RDCK launched a pilot year of Community Ambassadors in partnership with Wildsight’s Youth Climate Corps.
  • 2023 – The RDCK launched a draft RDCK Climate Action plan as well as a public engagement process to gain feedback on the plan. From April to October 2023, we connected with approximately 3,234 participants who attended the various engagement opportunities.

View RDCK climate action history as a PDF file.


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