Food and Agriculture

The RDCK supports regional food and agricultural systems through farm advisors, policy development and advocacy and data gathering and study. 

Central Kootenay Food Policy Council (CKFPC)

The Central Kootenay Food Policy Council is here to serve the region.
The Central Kootenay Food Policy Council builds a just, sustainable and prosperous food system in our region by identifying challenges and opportunities and by advocating for effective policy. Visit their website.

The primary functions of the Food Policy Council are:

1.    To serve as a forum for discussing food issues and opportunities;
2.    To foster co-ordination between sectors implicated in food systems;
3.    To evaluate and influence policy,
4.    To discern food systems priorities and;
5.    To launch or support programs and services that address local needs and 
that are not in competition with existing or pending food sector or civil society initiatives.

Check out the recently published Central Kootenay Farm and Food Directory (

Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors (KBFA)

The Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors (KBFA) provides producers with free, technical production support and information from a network of specialized resources, including independent consultants and academics. Visit their website.

KBFA supports producers to improve agricultural production and efficiency by helping find solutions to farm-specific production issues, coordinating educational events and connecting producers to information.

Agricultural Area Plan

The Regional District of Central Kootenay Agricultural Area Plan has been completed and endorsed by the Regional District Board. Read more.

Specified Risk Material Study

The RDCK conducted a study of Specified Risk Material and how it impacts the local cattle and dairy industry of the Creston Valley (Areas A, B and C). View the report via the link below. The findings are being included in the updated Resource Recovery Plan.

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