The RDCK is interested in understanding how local transportation options can be improved. We are looking into increasing active and low-carbon transportation options and supporting inter-connection between communities.

  • Active transportation refers to all the ways people can get around their communities without using a vehicle. It includes walking, cycling, wheeling, skateboarding and cross-country skiing.
  • Low-carbon transportation includes active transportation, public transit, electric vehicles (EVs) and e-bikes.
    • We are working on increasing public EV charging infrastructure within the RDCK. To view EV charger locations, check out’s map of EV chargers.
  • We are also interested in improving multi-modal transportation, which means improving opportunities for residents to use multiple means of transportation to get to their destinations, such as cycling to a bus stop for a ride to town or car-pooling to a pathway to take a walk.

Identifying community priorities

In the summer of 2022, the RDCK hosted a Transportation Think Tank where community interest groups gathered to discuss the current state of our regional transportation network and brainstorm creative solutions to the challenges we are facing.

Since then, we have been gradually building our understanding of the priorities RDCK communities have for a regional transportation network and how local government might support these priorities.

Some of this work was informed through the 2023 Climate Action Plan public engagement process. The results indicated that residents want to see additional transit routes, increased transit frequency, secure places to store bikes at bus stops, safer road infrastructure to allow for more biking and walking, more transit access for rural communities, and more trails.

In May 2023, we held the Regional Transportation Summit: Exploring Low Carbon & Multimodal Options & Collaborative Action to gain further understanding of the community priorities, the resources to support action and ways to work together.

Some of the discussion was around these ideas.

This work is in the preliminary stages. Please refer to this page for updates.

More information

See what some communities within the RDCK are doing to enhance transportation in their areas.

To see active transportation across the province, check out The B.C. Cycling Coalition’s website.

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