Climate Change Adaptation

Village of  Kaslo and Area D Climate Change Adaptation

The Climate Change Adaptation Project included the Village of Kaslo and Electoral Area D in partnership with the Columbia Basin Trust. Planning process objectives included the following:

  • learn about climate change;
  • identify priorities;
  • assess vulnerabilities and risk;
  • develop adaptation strategies and actions; and
  • implement and monitor the plan.

Through the process, two key themes emerged as priorities for Kaslo and RDCK Area D residents. Water provision and quality were acknowledged as necessities for any healthy society. Project participants recommended several actions to help address vulnerabilities surrounding water resources. Local food production was also recognized as a critical factor in the future prosperity of the region. The plan recommended actions to encourage local food security and reduce reliance on external markets.

See the attached case study document (here [PDF - 1.3 MB]) for further information on the RDCK Area D/Kaslo Climate Change Adaptation Initiative.

Appendicies A-H [PDF - 3.3 MB] (consolidated)
Appendicies I-N [PDF - 6.1 MB] (consolidated)

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