Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) may be issued by the RDCK under Section 492 of the Local Government Act.  The intent is to accommodate temporary land uses as specified by the permit on lands that are not zoned for the proposed use. The temporary use may continue in accordance with the provisions of the permit until the permit expires, or three years after the permit was issued, whichever occurs first.  Permits may be renewed only once, after which the use must be either permanently designated in the OCP Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw or cease. Permits are subject to approval by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) where land is classified as farm under the Assessment Act

Please contact the Planning Department at (250) 352-8165 to inquire as to whether you require a Temporary Use Permit.

Helpful Documents

Temporary Use Permit Information Package

Temporary Use Permit Application

Additional Helpful Documents can be downloaded from the Land Use and Planning page.

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