Variance Permits

A Development Variance Permit is a permit granted by the regional district Board to vary a section of a bylaw as permitted by the Local Government Act. For example, a Development Variance Permit may vary sections of regional district planning bylaws which address:

  • Setbacks to property lines,
  • Maximum building heights, or
  • Any provision of a land use bylaw NOT related to use or density.

In some instances, if a structure is legally non-conforming to regional district planning bylaws or in instances where a minor variance is required, a property owner may apply to the Board of Variance. Decisions on such matters are made by an appointed committee of three members of the public appointed by the RDCK Board. Board of Variance decisions are binding and can not be reconsidered at a later date. Please refer to planning staff to determine if your proposal is eligible for determination by the Board of Variance.

Helpful Documents

                    Development Variance Permit Information Package

                    Development Variance Permit Application

                    Board of Variance Information Package

                    Board of Variance Application

Additional Helpful Documents can be downloaded from the Land Use and Planning page.

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