Applications for subdivision and a fee schedule are available from any Ministry of Transportation Office or on their website at:

Completed applications are to be submitted to the Ministry of Transportation District or Sub-Office serving the area where the property is located. The Ministry will send a copy of your application to several government agencies for comment, including the Regional District. The Ministry of Transportation Approving Officer is responsible for applying the provisions of the Regional District Subdivision Bylaw and other applicable land use regulations.

Before making application for a subdivision, check with the Regional District Planning Staff to determine if the land is within the Agricultural Land Reserve or how local government land use regulations may impact your proposal. Please note that all properties located in the Regional District are subject to the requirements of Subdivision Bylaw No. 2159, including minimum standards for access to a public road, domestic water supply and waste water disposal.

For further information please review the RDCK Subdivision Brochure.

If you are wishing to make application for a Strata Title Conversion for an existing occupied building, an application can be made directly to the RDCK Planning Department.

Helpful Documents

RDCK Subdivision Bylaw No. 2159.
Information Package for Strata Title Conversion

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