Agricultural Land Reserve

The Planning Department of the Regional District can tell you if your land is located within the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Effective February 22, 2019 the Agriculture Land Commission Act has been amended and the Agriculture Land Reserve Use Regulation and Agriculture Land Reserve General Regulation have been created. Though many concepts contained in the ALCA and its regulations are unchanged, there have been changes to the use of ALR land for residences including:

  • Land in the ALR may have no more than one residence per parcel
  • The Commission may only approve an application for an additional residence if necessary for farm use
  • The total floor area of a principal residence must be 500 m2 or less

 On July 4, 2019 the Provincial Government amended the ALR Use Regulation permitting manufactured homes for family members as defined in the regulation. Manufactured homes may be permitted if:

  • All necessary authorizations (e.g. building permit) are issued before December 31, 2020.
  • The manufactured home is no more than 9 metres wide (i.e. double wide)
  • The manufactured home is occupied by family member of the landowner.

Please refer to OIC 385/2019 for the exact language of the manufactured home rules.

Agricultural Land Commission application information page

Agricultural Land Commission application portal page (requires a BCeID)

Agricultural Land Commission contacts information page

Agricultural Land Commission timelines page

It is still highly recommended that you first discuss your proposal with The Regional District Planning Department, to provide input on Bylaw or other relevant issues. 

Helpful Document

Agricultural Land Reserve Applications General Information

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