EnerGuide Home Evaluations

Register to have an EnerGuide Home Evaluation to be eligible for the Government of Canada Greener Homes Grant and other incentive opportunities.

The EnerGuide Pre-Upgrade Home Evaluation is critical for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure all of your upgrades will count towards current rebate offers
  • To identify where your house is leaking and losing heat
  • To determine what energy efficient upgrades (retrofits) can be done to increase comfort, reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • To prioritize which upgrades would be most beneficial to your home
  • A Pre-Upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation is required as the FIRST STEP for the new Government of Canada Home Energy Retrofit Initiative which provide grants up to $5,000 towards energy upgrades and free EnerGuide evaluations

The EnerGuide Post-Upgrade Home Evaluation is important as it:

  • Ensures you can apply for rebates for your qualifying upgrades
  • Allows you to track the improvements your upgrades made to your home
  • Provides you with an up to date energy performance label for your home taking into account all of your upgrades
  • This EnerGuide Home Evaluations include a thorough home inspection, energy model and a blower door test as well as a detailed final report and performance score at the end.

Learn what Nelson resident, Laura thinks of the energy evaluation and why you should do it too! 

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