RDCK Climate Actions

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is pleased to announce a redesigned climate action engagement process based on feedback we received from the community. The postponement of the public engagement meetings has allowed the RDCK time to reconvene and reconsider how best to work with residents to address concerns and provide information about RDCK Climate Actions.


The RDCK community has emphasized the need for transparency and open communication. We have heard you. We have streamlined the ways the public can get involved, both in-person and online, to provide feedback and influence the proposed Climate Action Plan. From July to October, the mix of in-person and online engagements are an opportunity for residents to review all the information and actions, provide feedback, and interact with RDCK staff on how best to strengthen community resilience throughout the RDCK.


Visit our new page - Get Involved for dates, registration links and more information about how you can join the conversation. 

  • In person:
    • Dialogue Circles – This August, the RDCK will be reaching out to community members with diverse view points, seeking to learn more about the various issues and concerns being faced by communities.
    • Open Houses – Over a two month period between August and October, the RDCK will host 20 Open Houses to engage in thoughtful, constructive dialogue across all 11 Electoral Areas and nine municipalities. These open houses will include panel discussions on key actions pathways such as transportation, land use, food, agriculture, and water.
  • Online: Starting July 10, the RDCK will host six webinars to learn about pathway actions and the Climate Action project page on our online public engagement platform https://engage.rdck.ca/ will launch July 14.


RDCK Climate Actions is a proposed four-year guidance plan, focused on identifying supports that reflect the diverse needs of RDCK residents. We value your input and want to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. There is opportunity for all residents to join the conversation. We are reviewing all feedback, compiling it, and will report it to the community and RDCK Board. Your feedback will be presented to the Board before the plan is considered for adoption.

RDCK Climate Actions is the most recent effort of the RDCK Climate Action Strategy and outlines a path to creating a healthier more resilient region. RDCK Climate Actions centers the rural experience, integrates equity into climate action, and focuses on building a culture that supports action. The actions are organized across 10 pathways – Land Use & Planning, Transportation & Mobility, Energy, Buildings, Resource Recovery, Water, Food & Agriculture, Floods & Geohazards, Wildfire, and Leadership & Operations.

RDCK Climate Actions is presented in different forms for different audiences:

  1. Rack Card – condensed summary for public distribution
  2. Public Booklet – engagement, education and action – 34 pages, very visual, invites personal action, provide a summary list of the actions
  3. Climate Action Workbook – deeper dive into all the actions

Within each Pathway are 5-12 actions supported by implementation plans for a total of 96 actions, two-thirds of which were already identified in RDCK departmental workplans. The additional third were identified through consultation with experts, engagement with community and collaboration with staff. Some examples of new actions include:

  • Transition the RDCK corporate fleet to zero emission vehicles
  • Work in collaboration with Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, Parks, and community groups
  • Integration and implementation of the RDCK Better Corporate Building Policy
  • Develop a RDCK Asset Management Plan with climate resilience lens
  • Support local producers to implement climate adapted agricultural strategies
  • Re-establish Regional WaterSmart Ambassador program
  • Create a Trip Avoidance Policy for RDCK staff
  • Integrate an assessment of climate impacts in RDCK Board reporting

Achieving the targeted carbon pollution reductions will require changes from all of us. RDCK Climate Actions focuses on tangible actions, as well as actions designed to shift our collective culture to prioritize low carbon and adaptive actions. We call this Climate Action Culture. RDCK Climate Actions addresses both our corporate and community Climate Action Culture by considering ways to work together to change our behaviour and build more resilient, connected and equitable communities.

Corporately, RDCK Climate Actions is building a culture that prioritizes climate actions in all RDCK decision-making processes to support behavioural change. Tools include policy, decision-making matrices, regulation, incentives, messaging and learning labs, and formal and informal discussions.


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