Be flood prepared

Floods are the most frequent natural hazards in Canada, and the most costly in terms of property damage. Floods can occur in any region, in the countryside or in cities. In the past, floods have affected hundreds of thousands of Canadians. They can occur at any time of the year and are most often caused by heavy rainfall, rapid melting of a thick snow pack, ice jams, or more rarely, the failure of a natural or human-made dam. Find out more from FloodSmart Canada: http://floodsmartcanada.ca/

In the Kootenays, snowpack and weather-related events, including flooding, are common occurrences in the spring. The RDCK is asking residents and visitors to take the following steps to be flood prepared:

Take steps to protect your home and property

Residents are responsible for securing their home and property in the event of a disaster—sand bagging is one example. In advance of the freshet/flooding season, Emergency Management BC provides sand bags to residents if the need becomes apparent.


In advance of the freshet/flooding season, Emergency Management BC provides sandbags to residents if the need becomes apparent. In such cases, unfilled sandbags and sand would be available for residents who are experiencing or want to be prepared for flooding. Information about where to pick up sandbags and sand is shared with residents as needed.

Learn more about sandbagging from the PreparedBC.

 Recommended method for sandbag diking

 Sandbags & Sand Locations:

Area Location Location of Sandbags Contact #

Ainsworth Wharf

Parking lot at Sutton St and Water St Parking lot at Sutton St and Water St EOC: 250-352-7701


Queen's Bay

Balfour Fire Hall 308 Beggs Rd 250-229-4316
Burton Burton Fire Hall  125 Burton Main Rd 250-265-3492 
Crawford Bay Crawford Bay Works Yard  16399 Hwy 3A  250-227-9217 
Crescent Valley  Crescent Valley Fire Hall 1365 Hwy 6  250-359-7353 

Town Works Yard

Helen St



YRB Yard 


Edgewood Fire Hall

202 Cemetery Rd 


Monashee Ave




Fauquier  Fauquier Fire Hall  Fauquier Fire Hall 250-265-1765
Harrop  Harrop Fire Hall  6430 Harrop-Procter Hwy  250-229-4664
Kaslo  Kaslo Fire Hall  529 Arena Ave  250-353-2314 
Meadow Creek 

Lardeau Valley

Community Club

13429 Hwy 31  250-366-4236 

Nakusp Fire Hall


Nakusp Public Works Yard 

Nakusp Fire Hall


1325 Nakusp Hot

Springs Rd




North Shore North Shore Fire Hall  2703 Greenwood Rd 250-825-9434 
Ootischenia  Ootischenia Fire Hall  119 Ootischenia Rd 250-365-4928 
Passmore  Passmore Fire Hall  3725 Hwy 6  250-226-7545 


Crawford Bay 

Riondel Fire Hall  237 Fowler St  250-551-1352 



Robson Fire Hall  3037 Waldie Ave  250-365-6065 
Salmo  Salmo Ball Diamond Fourth St  250-357-9433 


New Denver 

Old Silverton Fire Hall  410 Hume St 250-358-2472 
Slocan  Slocan Fire Hall  8877 Slocan Road South 250-355-2945 
Tarrys  Tarrys Fire Hall  2103 Hwy 3A  250-399-4100 
Winlaw  Winlaw Fire Hall  5741 Hwy 6  250-226-7353 


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