Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

"Neighbours Helping Neighbours"

The Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) is a program that is intended to support neighbours to reach out and build resiliency within their neighbourhood. During a disaster your neighbours will be your most reliable and immediate source of help, until assistance from first responders arrives.

NEPP is built for self-sufficiency. It is a program that provides the tools you need to expand from being personally prepared to develop an emergency plan that works for you and your neighbours to support each other.

For more information on NEPP: RDCK NEPP Handbook

Know the Hazards

Severe weather - power outages - avalanches - landslides - hazardous material spills - pandemics - floods - wildfires. What risks exist in your neighbourhood? You may already have a good idea, or if you’re new to the area, your neighbours can be a great source of information.

Identify your Neighbourhood Resources

Within your neighbourhood, there are almost certainly valuable skills and equipment that can be useful in an emergency. By working together to identify your resources, you will know where to find things when the time comes.

Developing your Plan

We encourage everyone to be self-reliant for a minimum of 72 Hours, and ideally for up to 7 days for more remote communities. 

In an emergency, your plan might be simply to ‘bug out’ to the home of family or friends out of the affected area.

Others may prefer to hunker down at home, but remember it’s always best to comply with evacuation orders from emergency personnel when there is a threat to your safety.  Your lives may depend on it.

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