RDCK FireSmart Program

The 2024 RDCK FireSmart Program has now started.

It will run from May 1st through to September 30th 2024.



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Free FireSmart home assessments

FireSmart rebate program

FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program

RDCK FireSmart Neighbourhood Champion Grant

Bare Land FireSmart assessment program
(for undeveloped land)

RDCK FireSmart Contractors List

 FireSmart Resource Library


Home Partners Program

Runs annually from May to the end of September.


Schedule a FREE FireSmart home assessment:

A Wildfire Mitigation Specialist comes to your home and provides a detailed report including specific mitigation actions to help protect your home from wildfire.  


During the assessment, they will discuss wildfire behavior dynamics and the ways a wildfire could affect your home.


Your assessment is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. The RDCK and FireSmart Canada only share details of the assessment with you. 


For more information go to: FIRESMARTHOMEPARTNERS.CA


  • Complete a 360-assessment of your property.
  • Customized report with a detailed list of mitigation actions designed to measurably reduce the wildfire risk to your property.
  • Receive a FireSmart Certificate upon successful completion of mitigation actions and an on-site follow up. You can choose to share your mitigation certificate with insurance providers to potentially reduce rates or maintain coverage, or with your Realtor to assist in selling your home.

FireSmart Rebate Program

As part of the Community Resiliency Investment program there is potential for homeowners to be compensated up to $5,000 for performing FireSmart activities on residential property or homes. In order to qualify for this funding, homes must be assessed by a RDCK Wildfire Mitigation Specialist. The rebate application intake is open from May 1st through to October 31st 2024. 

Steps to apply for a rebate

Step 1 - Get a free FireSmart home assessment from an RDCK Wildfire Mitigation Specialist by filling out the online application at emailing or calling 250-352-1539.

Step 2 – Work with your Wildfire Mitigation Specialist to complete a Rebate Work Plan. This is where you can plan out your FireSmart mitigation actions and have some feedback on how to prioritize your efforts.

Step 3 - Take action on the recommendations from your FireSmart home assessment. This can be accomplished by yourself, with your neighbours, or using hired help. Use the table on the Rebate Application Form to keep track of both your personal hours as well as any money spent on contractors or materials.

Step 4 - Submit your rebate application. Please note that rebate applications over $1000 will require a follow up visit from your Wildfire Mitigation Specialist.

Frequently asked rebate questions

Our FireSmart Rebate Guide can answer many of the questions listed below;
  • How much can I apply for and how is the amount calculated?
  • What types of things can I do to qualify for the rebate?
  • How do I calculate the value and track mitigation actions taken on my property?
  • Can I complete the work myself?
  • What is the timeline for application?
  • What is a rebate follow up and do I need one?
  • Can residents receive multiple rebates?
  • I had my assessment through the RDCK years ago and now want to apply for a rebate, do I need another assessment?
  • Is there a limited number of rebates available per year?
  • Can I get a rebate for my property that does not have a home on it?
  • How do I submit my rebate?
  • Helpful links

FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program

What is a FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhood?

The FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program is a unique approach to collaboratively reduce a neighbourhood’s risk to wildfire through education and events. It is run nationally through FireSmart Canada and facilitated locally by the RDCK. It is a grassroots, volunteer run program that is assisted by RDCK Wildfire Mitigation Specialists. It is a small scale approach for neighbourhoods consisting of 5-50 homes, with the intent to implement achievable FireSmart goals.

How do I get my neighbourhood recognized?

1)      Get in touch with us – The RDCK has a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist near you who can help establish what a FireSmart program in your neighbourhood might look like.

2)      Form a FireSmart Committee – A FireSmart Committee consists of 3-5 people living within the neighbourhood.

3)      Receive a neighbourhood assessment – This addresses the wildfire-related characteristics of the neighbourhood, providing unique recommendations in the form of a detailed report.

4)      Create a FireSmart plan – A written plan for your neighbourhood’s unique approach to FireSmart.

5)      Host an event and implement parts of your plan – This generally takes the form of some sort of neighbourhood event or work party. Every neighbourhood is different! See pages 3-8 of this document to be inspired by what other neighbourhoods have done.

6)      Apply in the fall – A one page application, completed each fall, informs FireSmart Canada what you did that year.

What are some of the benefits?
  • Reduced fire risk  

We’ve seen neighbourhoods drastically reduce their risk to wildfire over the years. Whether it be an area of forest being treated, having more neighbours becoming educated on what they can accomplish around their home, to creating an emergency evacuation plan; year over year, every neighbourhood becomes more resilient in some way. 






  • Community engagement and bonding

The FireSmart Recognition Program is a great way to get the neighbourhood together to work towards a common goal. Events often have music or food and always include lots of smiles. We’ve seen various community groups, stratas, and Fire Departments use this as a way to engage with residents.

  •  Increased number of personal home assessments 

We often have the highest concentration of personal home assessments within FireSmart neighbourhoods. Residents can sign up for free FireSmart home assessments where we take a detailed look at individual homes and properties to provide unique recommendations on how to drastically reduce the chance of a home being affected by wildfire. 






  •  Grants and funding

There is some funding available to FireSmart neighbourhoods. FireSmart Canada offers a yearly $500 grant to selected applicants. The RDCK FireSmart Champion Grant has allowed neighbourhoods to apply for up to $3000 in reimbursements for completed FireSmart activities. Some neighbourhoods have even been successful in applying for Columbia Basin Trust grants to have nearby forest fuels treated.


FireSmart Neighbourhood Champion Grant

The goal of the FireSmart Neighbourhood Champion Grant is to provide funds in order to help RDCK FireSmart Neighbourhood Champions make their neighbourhoods more resilient against wildfire.
Any Neighbourhood Champion within the RDCK that has received, or is pursuing, FireSmart Canada neighbourhood recognition program status can apply.
For more information, please see the Neighbourhood Champion Grant Guidelines or contact us at or call 250-352-1539.
Please submit the following forms with your FireSmart Neighbourhood Champion Grant application:
  1. FireSmart Neighbourhood Grant Guide
  2. Neighbourhood Champion Grant Application Form 
  3. Volunteer Hours Tracking form 
  4. Resource Tracking form 

Bare Land FireSmart assessment program
(for undeveloped land)

Planning to build? Email or call 250-352-1539 to get a free assessment and recommendations before you build. Our normal Home Partners FireSmart assessments are only for properties with fully built homes on them. These bare land assessments will look at fuel type, topography, landscaping considerations, and building material choice to give you some great advice on how to build FireSmart. Please note that these assessments are not eligible for a rebate, a fully built home with a Home Partners assessment is required to access the rebate.

RDCK FireSmart Contractors List
(for residents)

  • See the FireSmart Contractors List (coming soon!)

The RDCK Contractors List is for the purpose of connecting RDCK residents who have had a FireSmart assessment with qualified contractors capable of completing the recommended FireSmart mitigation work. The RDCK FireSmart Contractors list provides contact details for contractors who have met the application criteria. All contractors on this list have provided us with proof of a current business and attended a RDCK FireSmart Contractors Info Session. Being on this list does not constitute an endorsement or referral by the RDCK. We do not guarantee, certify, insure, or inspect work completed by contractors on this list. Always do your own research prior to hiring any contractor. Please be aware that only mitigation actions outlined on your FireSmart report will be eligible for rebate.

RDCK FireSmart Contractors List
(for contractors)

In order to apply to be on the list contractors must:

  • Operate and provide services to RDCK residents that fall within one of three FireSmart Contractors disciplines; contractors for the home, landscapers, or arborists and forest fuel mitigation
  • Provide proof of a valid business and current insurance
  • Attend a virtual or in person RDCK led FireSmart Contractors Information Session (1hour)

RDCK FireSmart Contractors should note:

  • The RDCK does not guarantee, certify, insure, or inspect work completed by contractors on this list. Being on this list does not constitute an endorsement or referral by the RDCK.
  • Only mitigation actions outlined in residents FireSmart home assessment report conducted by a RDCK Wildfire Mitigation Specialist will be eligible for homeowners to collect rebates on
  • The list will be updated as needed based on new applicant numbers. First time applicants must provide a full application, subsequent years (renewals) will only require updated proof of valid business.
  • The intake for applications and renewals will be ongoing yearly from May 1st to September 30th.
  • If the RDCK receives complaints regarding the quality of work completed we reserve the right to remove said contractor from the list.

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