Electoral Areas

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Electoral Area A – Wynndel/East Shore-Kootenay Lake includes the communities of Boswell, Sirdar, Sanca, Wynndel, Gray Creek, Kootenay Bay, Riondel, Twin Bays, Kuskanook, Pilot Bay and Crawford Bay. Situated between Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains, the rugged east shore is resplendent in natural beauty. Home to diverse, close-knit communities full of artisans, tradespeople, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts, among others.

Population (2021 Census): 2,241

Director: Garry Jackman

Electoral Area B includes the communities of Canyon, Erickson, Lister, Huscroft, Rykerts, Arrow Creek, Yahk, Goatfell, Kingsgate, Kitchener, Glenlily, Goat River Bottom and the Lower Kootenay Band (Yaqan Nukiy) of the Ktunaxa Nation. Located east of the Town of Creston, roadside fruit stands and orchards are a common sight.

Population (2021 Census): 4,802

Director: Roger Tierney

Electoral Area C includes the communities of Duck Lake, Lakeview, West Creston (Flats) and South Reclamation. Adjacent to the eastern slopes of the Selkirk Mountains at the southern inlet of Kootenay Lake, much of the area lay within the floodplain of the Kootenay River before it was reclaimed at the beginning of the last century. Nearly 7,000 ha are now protected as vital wildlife habitat, serving as an important stopover for migratory and resident bird species alike.

Population (2021 Census): 1,475

Director: Kelly Vandenberghe

Encompassing the vast northern reaches of the Kootenay and Duncan River basins, Electoral Area D includes the communities of Lardeau, Argenta, Howser, Gerrard, Cooper Creek, Poplar Creek, Ainsworth, Mirror Lake, Marblehead, Johnsons Landing, Shutty Bench and Meadow Creek. The picturesque landscapes have drawn homesteaders, back-to-the-land movements, and anyone looking to slow down and enjoy the mountain and lake views.

Population (2021 Census): 1,462

Director: Aimee Watson

Electoral Area E is adjacent to the West Arm of Kootenay Lake and includes the communities of Blewett, Balfour, Queens Bay, Longbeach, Harrop, Procter, Sunshine Bay, Bealby/Horlicks, Taghum Beach and rural Nelson as far south as Cottonwood Lake. Home to several former sternwheeler landings, the area proudly continues the tradition with the longest free ferry ride in the world, connecting the community of Balfour to Kootenay Bay on the east shore.

Population (2021 Census): 3,897

Director: Cheryl Graham

Located on the north shore of the Kootenay River and the West Arm, Electoral Area F includes the communities of Beasley, Taghum, Willow Point, Nasookin, Grohman, Crescent Beach, Sproule Creek, Six Mile and Bonnington. The area offers stunning views of the Bonnington, Kokanee, and Nelson Ranges of the Selkirk Mountains.

Population (2021 Census): 4,116

Director: Tom Newell

Centred on the Salmo and Pend d’Oreille river basins, Electoral Area G includes the communities of Hall Siding, Ymir, Ross Spur, Airport Road, Erie, Porto Rico, Nelway and Salmo North. The area’s mountains boast world-class terrain for snowshoeing, cross-country and downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Population (2021 Census): 1,650

Director: Hans Cunningham

Welcome to the Slocan Valley! Electoral Area H – The Slocan Valley includes South Slocan, Crescent Valley, Slocan Park, Passmore, Winlaw, Red Mountain, Vallican, Perry Siding, Appledale, Hills, Summit Lake, Playmor Junction, Krestova, Brandon, Lemon Creek, Sandon, Rosebery and New Settlement. Once hailed as the “Silvery Slocan”, the area experienced massive growth in the 1900s as prospectors and fortune-seekers flocked to the region. Gateway to Valhalla Provincial Park and home to beautiful Slocan Lake.

Population (2021 Census): 5,045

Director: Walter Popoff

Nestled near the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers between Nelson and Castlegar, Electoral Area I includes the communities of Pass Creek, Thrums, Tarrys, Shoreacres, Glade, Brilliant and the Voykin Subdivision.

Population (2021 Census): 2,607

Director: Andy Davidoff

Surrounding the city of Castlegar on the banks of the Columbia River and Lower Arrow Lake, Electoral Area J – Columbia/Lower Arrow includes Ootischenia, Robson, Renata, Deer Park, Brooklyn, Shields, Raspberry, Syringa and Fairview.

Population (2021 Census): 3,517

Director: Henny Hannegraaf

Located on the shores of the Arrow Lakes, Electoral Area K – The Arrow Lakes includes the communities of Applegrove, Edgewood, Fauquier, Burton, Arrow Park, Crescent Bay, Whatshan Lake, Brouse/Glenbank, Box Lake, Needles, Halcyon and Inonoaklin Valley.

Population (2021 Census): 1,784

Director: Teresa Weatherhead

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