Board of Directors

The RDCK Board of Directors includes eleven (11) electoral area directors and nine (9) municipal directors. 


Pictured Back Row L-R: Jessica Lunn, Garry Jackman, Keith Page, Aidan McLaren-Caux, Diana Lockwood, Aimee Watson, Arnold DeBoon, Cheryl Graham, Leonard Casley & Hans Cunningham. Front Row L-R: Maria McFaddin, Roger Tierney, Kelly Vandenberghe, Teresa Weatherhead, Suzan Hewat, Walter Popoff & Colin Ferguson.

Missing – Tom Newell, Andy Davidoff & Henny Hanegraaf

Garry Jackman            

Electoral Area A

Phone: 250.223.8463 


Alternate Director: Gina Medhurst

Roger Tierney

Electoral Area B

Phone: 250.215.0666 


Alternate Director: Kala Hooker


Kelly Vandenberghe

Electoral Area C

Phone: 250.402.3119 



Alternate Director: Kala Hooker


Aimee Watson

Board Chair

Electoral Area D

Phone: 250.304.5842


Alternate Director: Victoria McAllister


Cheryl Graham

Electoral Area E

Phone: 250.505.4990


Alternate Director: Josh Smienk


Tom Newell

Electoral Area F

Phone: 250.509.1277 


Alternate Director: Eric White


Hans Cunningham

Electoral Area G

Phone: 250.357.9996 


Alternate Director: Isabelle Herzig


Walter Popoff

Electoral Area H

Phone: 250.359.7455


Alternate Director: Amanda Verigin


Andy Davidoff

Electoral Area I

Phone: 250.304.8233


Alternate Director: Andy Ozeroff


Henny Hanegraaf

Electoral Area J

Phone: 250.304.5584


Alternate Director: Rick Smith


Teresa Weatherhead

Electoral Area K

Phone: 250.265.8252


Alternate Director: Paul Peterson


Maria McFaddin

City of Castlegar

Phone: 250.608.2425


Alternate Director: Brian Bogle


Arnold DeBoon

Town of Creston

Phone: 250.428.2214


Alternate Director: Denise Dumas


Suzan Hewat

Village of Kaslo

Phone: 250.353.2311


Alternate Director: Robert Lang


Aidan McLaren-Caux

Village of Nakusp

Phone: 250.265.8764


Alternate Director: Thomas Zeleznik


Keith Page

City of Nelson

Phone: 250.509.0773


Alternate Director: Rik Logtenberg


Leonard Casley

Village of New Denver

Phone: 250.551.4003


 Alternate Director: John Fyke


Diana Lockwood

Board Vice Chair

Village of Salmo

Phone: 250.357.9257


Alternate Director: Jennifer Lins


Leah Main

Village of Silverton

Phone: 250.358.2472 


Alternate Director: Clarence Denbok


Jessica Lunn

Village of Slocan

Phone: 250.355.2277


Alternate Director: Ezra Buller


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