Wildfire in the Kootenays that is a fact of life. You can TAKE ACTION to reduce your risk from wildfire, and become FIRESMART!

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RDCK FireSmart Rebate Program

Through the RDCK FireSmart Rebate Program you can earn up to $500 for taking action to mitigate wildfire risk around your home and property.


4 steps to earning the rebate.



1 Get a FireSmart Assessment.
2 Take action on the recommendations made during your Firesmart assessement.


Submit your photos and receipts.

Receive a $500 rebate.


 FireSmart Home Partners Program

Schedule a FREE FireSmart home assessement:

A Wildfire Mitigation Specialist will come to your home and make a detailed report including specific mitigation actions to help protect your home from wildfire.
During the assessment, they will discuss wildfire behavior dynamics and the ways a wildfire could affect your home.
  • Complete 360 assessment of your property.
  • Detailed customized report with a list of mitigation actions designed to measurably reduce the wildfire risk to your property.
  • Receive a Firesmart Certificate upon successful completion of mitigation actions and an on-site follow up.You can choose to share your mitigation certificate with insurance providers to potentially reduce rates or maintain coverage, or with your Realtor to assist in selling your home.
  • The RDCK and FireSmart Canada only share details of the assessment with you.


FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program  

When neighbours get together to FireSmart the whole community, they can reduce the risks for everyone.


The neighbourhood Recognition Program helps neighbours to organize and reduce the risk of wildfire damage for their whole community.       

The Local FireSmart Representative administers the program, supports and assists the communities in reducing wildfire risks.


For more information on Firesmart Neighbourhood: FIRESMARTCANADA.CA

  • A Local FireSmart Representative from the RDCK will provide wildfire hazard reduction information based on an overall assessment of your community.
  • With the assistance of the Local FireSmart Representative, you and your neighbours form a cooperating network and make a plan to mitigate the wildfire hazards around you.
  • You and your neighbours work together to implement local mitigation solutions.
  • Firesmart Canada recognizes your community efforts and grants your community Firesmart status.



FireSmart Resource Library:

FireSmart begins at home manual

FireSmart Home Development Guide

FireSmart Guide to Landscaping



Wildfire Mitigation Program Contact

Wildfire Mitigation supervisor (Vacant)
Garrett Fishlock
FireSmart Coordinator
(250) 352-1539
Bree Lillies
Wildfire Mitigation Specialtist, Area K, Nakusp, Area H
Kevin Smith
Wilfire Mitigation Specialist, Area D, Kaslo
Andrew Doran
Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Area E, F, I
Karen May
Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Area A, B, C, Creston
Greg Barnhouse:
Wildire Mitigation Specialist, Area G,  Salmo, Castlegar, Area J

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