Castlegar & District Community Complex Child Care Centre

The project was officially announced on March 13, 2020 and is expected to open in late September 2021 with site set up and construction beginning the final week of April, 2021. The centre will be situated across from the skateboard park, adjacent to the complex pool, facing south. Access to the tennis courts and pickle ball courts at the Castlegar & District Community Complex (CDCC) will not be impacted by the construction.

In addition to the 30 new spaces, the facility will offer 20 licensed pre-school and after school spaces, providing part time care in the mornings and after school. The CDCC will have access to the facility for programming and school break camps when not in use for child care. A child care project committee has been formed with representatives from the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) and Kootenay Family Place (KFP) in order to ensure a cohesive and mutually beneficial facility.


January 4, 2022

After several delays due to COVID-19 and highway closures, the Child Care Centre finally attained occupancy status at the end of November 2021. Shortly thereafter child care licencing was achieved. We are pleased to inform that this beautiful facility is welcoming preschool children as of today. We are greatly appreciative of the team that created this centre: General Contractor Alfred Horie Construction and all sub-contractors, architect Cover Architectural Collaborative and RDCK staff members. We thank the Castlegar & District Recreation Commission and our partner Kootenay Family Place for their guidance throughout the project. 




September 29, 2021

We are now in the home stretch of the child care centre construction project. The windows and doors are installed, paint is being applied to the interior drywall, and the mechanical HVAC system and electrical fixtures are being installed. The outside sidewalks and patio work are finished.


In the next while, a flurry of activity will be happening at the site – roofing and siding will be applied, flooring and kitchen cabinets will be installed, and plumbing fixtures will arrive. Finally, the landscaping will be renewed, including the creation of a new play ground!


We continue to thank all of the contractors and consultants which are contributing to the construction of this centre, and the public’s patience during construction. The RDCK and Kootenay Family Place are excited to open the doors and welcome the children into our new beautiful Kids’ Club!





August 23, 2021


The CLT (Cross-Laminated-Timber) building shell supplied by Kalesnikoff is installed, and it looks fantastic. Our construction contractor is now starting on the interior walls, and mechanical and electrical rough-ins. Siding and roofing will also commence soon. The delivery of the windows and doors have unfortunately been delayed due to global shipping issues. The windows are triple-paned, which will help us attain a higher energy efficiency for the building (BC Energy Code Step 4) which will aid in achieving RDCK’s corporate carbon emissions reduction goals plus reduce operational costs. This shipping delay will cause a later opening of the centre, now scheduled for mid-October.


The sidewalks and pedestrian circulation between the new child care centre and the recreation complex main entrance, including a link to 6th Avenue and the bus stop are taking shape. Soon patrons will be able to safely walk around the complex grounds on sidewalks instead of being mixed in with vehicle traffic. Next step is to regrade and replace the main asphalt driveway adjacent to the 6th Avenue link, in an effort to upgrade the aging, cracked asphalt, plus correct stormwater drainage issues. Also, the sidewalk link to the child care centre will be established.


You may have noticed RDCK staff preparing the new garden beds and planting new trees, shrubs and grasses. We are excited about the new updated look of the complex grounds. Looks great!





July 19, 2021

Construction of the child care centre is well underway. The underground services and foundations for the child care centre are now complete. The main level floor will be constructed this week. We are looking forward to the arrival of the CLTs, manufactured by
Kalesnikoff, which are scheduled to arrive July 26th. We hear that the whole exterior structure (walls and roof) will be installed within a one-week timespan!


There was a small delay in the sidewalk installation connecting the child care centre to the complex and to 6 Ave. and the bus stop, but now this work is moving forward. Sidewalks and landscaping (trees, shrubs and grasses) will be installed in the next couple of weeks.


We have purchased the new playground equipment. There will be a bit of delay with the delivery since it originates from Europe. However, it should be here and installed by October 2021.


The outdoor washroom work has been completed and they are now open to the public. We hope you enjoy using them! 


You can view the building progress anytime at this link to Alfred Horie Construction’s (AHC) webcam:


We thank all of our contractors working hard for our community, especially in the recent sweltering temperatures.


And, a big thank you to our patrons for your patience during this time of construction.


June 7, 2021

Alfred Horie Construction Co. (AHC) and their subtrades including Marwest Industries, have been busy preparing the site for the new child care centre. Water and sanitary connections have been established with help from WSA Engineering along with excavating and compacting for the building foundations. Concrete for the footings were poured in 2 stages, and the foundation walls are now being formed. The project architect, Cover Architectural Collaborative, and subconsultants have been reviewing product submittals for the centre to ensure that all the components of the building fit together and are of good quality.


The contractors have also been removing overgrown foliage, and in some cases, dangerous trees. The pedestrian linkages to the centre from the main doors of the complex and the bus stop on 6Avenue have also been prepared.


Parallel to this work, RDCK staff have been renovating the outdoor washroom, improving the layout, plumbing fixtures, and generally giving a facelift to the aging building.


Looking ahead, the child care centre foundations and main floor will be completed in time for delivery of the cross-laminated timbers (CLTs) supplied by Kalesnikoff scheduled for early July. Concrete sidewalks will be installed, and RDCK staff will be planting out trees, shrubs and grasses in the newly landscaped garden beds designed by Larch Landscape Architecture. It is expected that the outdoor washroom will be open by the end of June for public usage.







April 28, 2021

Construction of the new child care centre at the Castlegar and District Community Complex (CDCC) officially broke ground on Tuesday, April 27. The new facility, to be built on the grounds of the CDCC, will provide 30 new child care spaces for local families. The project is being delivered through a partnership with the Regional District of Central Kootenay’s (RDCK) Castlegar and District Recreation Commission (CDRC) and Kootenay Family Place (KFP). KFP is a registered non-profit organization serving the needs of children, youth and families throughout the West Kootenay Boundary region.




January 26, 2021

A new child care facility to be built on the grounds of the Castlegar and District Community Complex (CDCC) will provide 30 new child care spaces for local families. The project is being delivered through a partnership with Kootenay Family Place (KFP) and the Regional District of Central Kootenay’s (RDCK) Castlegar and District Recreation Commission (CDRC). The new centre is expected to open in September 2021.








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