Invasive Plants (Noxious Weeds)

The Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society (CKISS) coordinates an invasive plant program within the Regional District of Central Kootenay.  Invasive species are non-native plants and animals that become well established because they do not have natural predators or controls.  These introduced, non-native species spread quickly and have the ability to out compete native plant and animal species, impacting fragile ecosystems.

Visit the CKISS website to find out how to identify invasive species, how to prevent the spread of invasive species and how to get rid of them! 

Invasive Plants (Noxious Weeds) are accepted for disposal as "Controlled Waste" at most RDCK resource recovery facilities. Note that all invasive plants must be double bagged. See more information about the RDCK Resource Recovery Bylaw and disposal specifications.

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