Regional Accessibility Advisory Committee (RAAC)

Apply to be a member of the RAAC

Applications are being accepted for the newly-established Regional Accessibility Advisory Committee (RAAC). A maximum of twelve members are needed to serve up to a two (2) year term.

The RAAC will advise the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) and municipalities within the RDCK (as per Bylaw No. 2904) on identifying, preventing, and eliminating barriers related to accessibility to people with disabilities in regional or municipal programs, services, initiatives, and facilities. The RAAC will play a pivotal role in helping the RDCK and municipalities be accessible and promote public engagement in accordance with the BC Accessibility Act.

By joining the RAAC, you will have the opportunity to share your perspective and assist in building local communities that are accessible to everyone.

To apply click on the link and fill out the application - RAAC Application Form


The Committee will endeavour to maintain the following membership criteria:

  • One (1) RDCK Electoral Area Director;
  • One (1) RDCK Municipal Director;
  • A maximum of seven (7) and a minimum of five (5) persons with disabilities or individuals who support or represent organizations that support persons of disabilities;
  • One (1) Indigenous community representative; and
  • Two (2) community members-at-large.

Duties of the RAAC

In accordance with the BC Accessibility Act the RAAC shall:

(a) Identify accessibility and inclusion barriers that RDCK/Municipality staff and community members experience or may experience in the course of interacting with the RDCK/Municipality in the following areas:

(i)     Employment;
(ii)    Delivery of programs and services;
(iii)   RDCK/Municipal Facilities;
(iv)   Transportation; and
(v)    Information and Communications.

(b) Advise the RDCK/Municipality on the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its accessibility plans;

(c) Review and work with staff to update the RDCK/Municipality's accessibility plan at least every three (3) years;

(d) Review and work with staff to development a mechanism for public feedback on accessibility.

Meeting Details

  • The RAAC will meet with the RDCK a minimum of four (4) times per year.
  • The RAAC will meet with the municipalities identified in Bylaw No. 2904 (See Schedule A) a minimum of two (2) times per year.

For more information on the RAAC and the responsibilities of the committee please click on the link - 2904-Regional_Accessibility_Advisory_Committee.pdf [PDF - 397 KB]

For more information regarding the RAAC:
Angela Lund, Deputy Corporate Officer
Phone: 250.352.8160

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